While We Were Watching The Weather

Sep 16, 2008 by

As eyes were turned to the more immediate survival and recovery concerns here in Louisiana and Texas it seems that $4 Trillion has evaporated. Sublimed into vapor and wafted off on the breeze along with a hefty  whiff of moral decay.

The New York Times has the best presentation of the recent trials of the American economy in the form of an intereactive graphic showing detailed losses and the total financial blow in an easily digestible and quite terrifying graphic.

A year ago, financial companies were flying high. But as problems in the mortgage and credit markets have grown, the stocks of many Wall Street firms have been hard hit. Some of the biggest companies have been bought out, taken over by the government or gone bankrupt.

Click here and educate yourself: A Year of Heavy Losses

-Loki, Founder HumidCity

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