What’s In A Name Generator?

Sep 17, 2008 by

I swore that I wouldn’t cross-post anything at HC that first appeared on my own blog. This isn’t exactly a cross-post so I’m not exactly a liar except in a mavericky way. (Btw, McCain really puts the ick in maverick, doesn’t he?) I recently posted a link to the Sarah Palin name generator. It’s been a big hit with the kids so I thought y’all might like to mess around with it as well. LINK. My current Palin name is Stake Shed. I’m bummed: I wanna be Scrimshaw.

Speaking of name generators, one of the all-time best read Adrastos posts featured a link to the mafia name generator. I posted it eons ago (in interweb terms) and I keep getting comments. So, here’s a LINK to it as well. Just call me, Del Murder. I dunno, that sounds a bit Midwestern to me; sort of like Maitri Venkat-Ramani. Disclaimer: the preceding was a joke about a friend who is proud of her Buckeye and Badger roots. She makes a mean cheesehead chana too..

Now that I’ve recycled some material, it’s time to hit you upside the head with some new shtick. Smack. That’s right, yet another name generator, the Unitarian Jihad one. LINK. My UUJ name is Brother Battleaxe of Compassion. I dunno about the compassion part though. HC’s zany founder’s handle is the Very Reverend of Crimson Fire Lovingkindness. Damn, those Unitarians do go on just like…uh…Loki.

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