another day in mcnawlins/ almost blue

Sep 18, 2008 by

despite the creative excitement as tunes, musicians, and so-called opportunities wash over me like waves, a dull ache settles in my chest. is it melancholy? is it the demons of past bipolarity? is it just another sign of goin-out-of-business-as-usual? the physical manifestations of unsettled skeletons and misfired synapses haunt me. visions of too many hospital beds and hospitable meds dance spastically like an overweight and over-fermented two-stepper at the maple leaf. though back home, i still feel homeless.

despite irregular scheduled missals of the color blog and IM’s, PM’s, and semi-regular BM’s, i still am not at peace. recent excursions to los angeles (and now to boston) only emphasize the out-of-sorted-ness of life here post-k. a house is not a home. my city is a park. mcnawlins is a burger-short in its disorder. mayor mccheese has been abdicated by the hamburglar. the not-so-happy meal is the daily special. the golden arches have fallen with no support “hos” in sight. shall i paint on a grimace?

i don’t want fries… i want levees… better still i want my life, a life, any sign of life.. i’m tired of the post-apocalyptic feel here… like a bad charlatan heston flick bound never to be issued on DVD (can you say NUMBER ONE?).

my golden arches are almost blue

ph “freddy” fred