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It was anyway. At 7 on the dot it switched to a NOA-TV ad and “Traffic Time.” SOme of my barely-coherent liveblogging:

6:30-ish: I stumble over the meeting looking for Funny.

Art teacher from McMain—none of the ideals of the plan are around Booker T., like places to go after school, RTA, etc.; “Please listen to us. We want what’s best for our kids.”

She had on a black t-shirt with Booker T in a red “No” circle.

The podium looks sponsored by Entergy

McMain supporter: as a parent, wouldn’t send her child into the Booker T community, not the only parent who’ll look at site, neighborhood and base a decision on that. $40 mil into a building and send children to an unsafe neighborhood, expecting parents all over Orleans to send children there “and I think that’s foolish”

Beverley Clark: They say it’s about buildings, not schools but schools are more than buildings, and you choose your own house and it reflects you, right? No move to Booker t; a blue ribbon in arts, only one in LA ever, and SACS. Told that kids excelled despite facilities [brown-haired freaky looking woman looks petrified. Until she smiles] We watched other schools being built and given new schools, were open 1st after the storm, chose not to charter. Have a public library and RTA and fields nearby “and we’re 5 feet off the ground.”

Percy Marchand: had to leave, Christian hands out fliers.

Sandra Reed: RE the accelerated timeline for public comment, as a resident of Central City and representative of community groups, the comment period—it takes time to understand the plan and offer a informed comments, a document of this size with this kind of technical info, regular folks need time to look at it; there was a 90-day extension for the plan, “and that was no hurricane.” Will ask, “beg if I have to” to give an extra 30 days for folks to read and decipher the–

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