Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

Sep 22, 2008 by

 While the attrocities of war fall far behind in the news for a while, the economic collapse of America looms.
John McCain, in dealing with this situation, based on the greed and avarice of the super wealthy, had this suggestion:

“In a statement to reporters, McCain urged the creation of a bipartisan oversight board to review the government bailout rather than entrusting Paulson (Secretary of the Treasury) with complete power to craft it. He said the board should be headed by a trusted financial steward like billionaire financier Warren Buffett, and said former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg should be involved as well. Both Romney and Bloomberg made enormous fortunes in business ventures before entering politics.”

Thanks, John.
Let’s get Rush Limbaugh to guard the oxycotin, while we’re at it.
Way to look out for the working stiffs.
Fucking moron….

Lord David
Skull Club
New Orleans



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