boston nearly baked my beans

Sep 24, 2008 by

i went to boston this past weekend, actually to milford and mansfield. i wanted to check out farm aid for the first time since the 95 concert in new orleans. i wanted to see how willie and the gang did it, perhaps i could learn something so my philanthropic endeavors here might grow legs.     

the venue was great- kinda like disney land with homegrown organic food and mostly good music. the musical highlights were arlo’s ode to fannie mae and neil young’s scorching rendition of “a day in the life.” the epicurean highlight was the pork chop sandwich … watch out for the bone. SORRY QUINT but both food and venue had you beat hands down… oops, did i type that outloud?

MEANWHILE BACK IN MY HEAD:the flight there was a time for unsolicited reflection (damn chuck palahnouk and his choke) as i unwittingly took an inventory of friends… not the 8000+ virtual ones on ourspace and makeafacebook, but rather the ones i could hopefully call in time of impending and imploding crisis.  an initial list of twenty dwindled quickly as i thought about that 3am phone call. who would pick up? who would do so unbegrudgingly? 

the final list is just seven… 5 woman, 2 men… only three people close enough to drive me to the hospital… though i tend to trust the distant ones more b/c i know they can’t. though i hear that they good pie there!

i didn’t expect to come home from boston…

not sure if i’m glad that i did…

the only joy was a mailbox full of musical gifts and donations from george porter, kyra from black flag, and the roches.

i so want to believe in the power of song…

i need to


ph “freddy” fred    ([email protected])

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