Sign The Petition to Extend the Public Comment Period

Sep 25, 2008 by

The time period for public comments on the School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish will end on October 1st a little after 10 AM. In order to get the RSD and the BESE to extend that time so that parents, educators, and administrators can peruse this hefty document and truly weigh in with their comments, I ask that you add your signature to this petition being filed by Save Our Schools New Orleans.

While we are all in the helping out mode, take the time to help out G-Bitch. I’m ready to sue somebody or climb up in a tree and not come down ’til she is back online in her own digs. I’m almost ready to ask the school my son attends to allow me to postpone his pickup time so’s I can work on the prob…wait, that’s McCain’s approach. Screw that.


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