breakfast wit’ da mayor? wtf?

Sep 26, 2008 by

so i got this email forwarded to me today about BREAKFAST WITH THE MAYOR.  WTF? was this some sort of joke? our in absentia mayor is making a public appearance and breaking bread with his disgruntled constituents?  is this like breakfast with santa claus? or brunch with the easter bunny? or a light snack with the epiphany weasel?  well, upon reading the fine print, i noticed the epicurean photo-op is for newcomers… not sure what that means.  it’s also the 7th annual, which suggests that the mayor has been in town at least six times in the past six years. can’t prove that by me.  then again i saw james brolin in capricorn one, and i’m leary about the whole moon landing as well.

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see ii you can figure it out.  will the mayor mccheese of mcnawlins put it on his city credit card? will he order the 99 cent early bird special or the $25 eggs benedict (arnold) with the $15 mimosa and $12 frappe-crappacino? images of california coffee colonics dance in my spleen.  i’m curious. i’m so f’n curious. you can just spank a  monkey and call me george! too bad i’m an oldtimer living 42 of my 44 years in metro new orleans and thus disqualified to meet st. nick for eggs and grits.  but perhaps if i’m a good blogger, nagin claus will put a tax exemption, an evacuation plan, and a new casino underneath my christmas tree, hannakak bush, and kwanza bonzai.  one can only hope that we believe in a miracle on perdido street.


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