e pleurisy unum revisited

Sep 29, 2008 by

well, two years ago i did my first guest post here…. back when my punctuation and sanity were a little more focused. back before katrina and nagin zapped my optimism, cynicism, and every type of ism that i owned including prism , schism, and jism. unfortunately, my lung condition has worsened. the natteing nabobs of (medical) negativism  are still in denial about the effects of the mold cloud lingering over parts of my city or the long-range effects of liing in my fema trailer.  HOWEVER, they did manage to charge me a $100 missed appointment fee for an appointment missed during the craziness of late aug/ early sept evacuations. bastards! no sharps privileges for them!

mental health, physical health, emotional health… a blur that coincides with the rasp and rattle of my belabored breathing.  like the city i reluctantly love (she’s that ex-girlfriend that will keep doing me wrong BUT the booty calls are oh so good), the disease is back again. four rounds of three different antibiotics can’t shake it. a non-nattering friend in the medical field suspects something fungal. heck, i’ve seen the commercials, i don’t even like that shit livin’ in my toes, more less my lungs.

i guess i’m a simile, a metaphor, a microcosm of this city, this country, this world.  finding it hard to breathe, finding it hard to catch my breath, finding it hard…


ph “freddy” fred ([email protected])

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