VP Debate Week…

Sep 29, 2008 by

…coincides with Banned Books Week.

How best can we celebrate this ironic confluence of events, aside from reading a copy of Fahrenheit 451 or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

My dad sent me this yesterday. If the economy weren’t headed down the tubes fast, I’d do it:

…if you feel you can’t support the Obama campaign, may I suggest the following fiendishly brilliant alternative?

Make a $5 minimum donation to Planned Parenthood. In honor of Sarah Palin. A Planned Parenthood donation is tax deductible, while a political donation isn’t.

And here’s the good part: when you make a donation to PP in her name, they’ll send her a card telling her that the donation has been made in her honor!

Here’s the link to the Planned Parenthood website.

You’ll need to fill in the address to let PP know where to send the ‘in Sarah Palin’s honor’ card. Use the address for the McCain campaign headquarters:

McCain for President/Sarah Palin
1235 S. Clark Street
1st Floor
Arlington, VA 22202

Then again, women’s reproductive freedoms are under threat darn near every second of every day. How can I afford NOT to donate money to PP?

The choice is yours. Have fun, and L’shanah tovah ( a happy Jewish New Year) to all!


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