Loki’s Return

Oct 2, 2008 by


Alrighty, you folks have had it way to easy without my rantings in the mix. That situation is now officially at an end! Thats right, I’m back from New York City and while I’m still a bit run down from the workload I’m rooting around to see what needs exposure here on HumidCity. I’d like to thank the rest of the team for keeping things rolling for me while I was up in the Big Apple, and I would also like to welcome the voice of a former neighbor here in the Crescent City to our ranks: WhySean (Sean Hastings). Sean lived here for ages and we used to throw some kicking parties together, he is also a ferocious free thinker of the libertarian variety and a restless questioner of everybody’s axioms. Look for the conversations to become quite a bit more interesting as his posts begin appearing.

Now, to see what I missed while in the land of endless work…

Stay Tuned!

Loki, HumidCity Founder

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