Democracy In New Orleans

Oct 5, 2008 by

It would be a nice thing. Voter turn out is always crap and then afterwards everybody wants to whine about the result. I have angered many people over the years with a  staunch stance of “if you don’t vote, you cannot bitch.” As I see it this is a small price to pay in order to at worst critique the elected leaders and at best effect change.

Now yesterday was voting day, I’m not sure how many people got out there to participate in the process but I’m willing to bet based on past numbers that turnout was less than stellar. What I do know is that I am already getting a lot of complaints about the school board elections. Seems that there may have been either some sneaky redistricting or the possibility of outright voter fraud.

Quoth one associate of mine:

Looking at the freaking school board district maps, I was absolutely certain we were in District 4.

D__ walked into the voting booth and found that we were actually in District 5.

What the hell happened?  Last time we voted for school board, we were in 4.

Considering that we, as a state, has justly earned our rep for slimy polititcs I far it far to easy to believe that there is something rotten smelling going on. Please leave comments here if you experienced issues with the districting or the voting process. If evidence is sufficient for a voter fraud case doing so will help whoever pursues it.

Loki, HumidCity Founder (day 3 w/out cigarettes, no fatalities yet)

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