The 2 Party System and Last Minute Heroes

Oct 8, 2008 by

 This happens every four years. Especially with Democratic candidates who didn’t get on the ticket, but more and more as the Libertarian Party comes into it’s own. There are other choices besides the two major party candidates. That’s a good thing.

 Our system of government by constitutional law is designed to accept and deal with change. Very slowly, I admit, but it can & does get there. It’s also true that our voting process has become overwhelmed by the advent of TV over the last fifty years, or so.

 In order to get ratings for their ‘total coverage’, these TV stations focus on the ‘two front runners’ who will come down to the wire in the Presidential race. Breaking that cycle, little by little, is how we will overcome the two party system. With the advent of cyber politicing and vote canvassing by email, we are seeing a big push in the direction of independents. That’s also a good thing.

 Now we are getting ‘Last Minute Hero’ syndrome. Those disenfranchised voters who don’t really believe in either candidate, and choose to cast their votes ‘symbolically’ by voting for candidates that have zero chance of election, so as to ‘alter the polling landscape’.

 Dear Readers, I implore you; we are in a fight for the future of our Nation, our children, our standard of living, our very freedom. We are many steps down the road towards despotism in America. There is the government invented Invisible Enemy at the Gates, control of the economy & fuel, federal prisoners with no legal rights or representation, held in secret prisons  and a country under surveilance by it’s own leaders.

This is NOT the time to be casting frivilous votes to change platform policies. That time started the day after the last election and became less timely as we got closer to this one. While it may feel good for a minute or so to Hero Vote for a candidate who may actually get 3% of the vote, and think yourself Revolutionary and a Political Maverick, nothing could be further from the truth.

Virtuall ALL of the independent candidates are seen as opposition to John McCain. Every vote given to a 3 Percenter is a vote in McCain’s favor. It’s of vital importance that we bind together in this dire time and stop the McCain/Palin administration from ever getting off the ground. You know the issues, you’ve heard the speeches. The Mad Bomber and the Governor who hunts Witches in the White House are within shouting distance of forcing your children to grow up learning nothing but creationism, listening in on every phone call, and sending your future children off to an endless array of wars.

 Does it still feel like the right time to vote for a check mark in some historical roster that will be measured in geological ages? Perhaps the real fire of change will still be with you after this November’s vote is in. At that point, I’ll whole heartedly join you in a campaign to change the 2 Party system. Casting your votes away to make a point is likely to ensure that the freedom to do so may soon be lost.

Barack Obama ’08
Because it’s time for America 2.0

Lord David
Pirate & Artist
Skull Club
New Orleans


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