The Riverfront Project, A Guest Post by Robert E. Zas

Oct 8, 2008 by

Went to the Riverfront Project meeting the other night, and came away with a greater understanding of the importance of creating a great riverfront for the future of this city. It is a very ambitious task to undertake, but if we don’t act we may never get another chance at this. The speakers last night were very insightful, and it was a pleasure listening to Dr. Norman Francis. Mr Sean Cummings elaborated a little on the dilemma that is arising from the plans of the port authority to place Cold Storage at the Gov. Nichols wharf.
The importance of emailing Rep. Juan A. LaFonta, whose district the area in question lies, I cannot emphasis enough. To explain to Mr. LaFonta how the the present “planned ” location would undermine the future of making the river accessible and viable to the citizens of the city and the tourist that visit. The Port Authority has other locations available but what it comes down to is money. 30.6 has already been allocated by the state for Cold Storage, that’s right our tax money.

Would it not be to much to ask if Cold Storage could pony up the rest to be placed elsewhere, maybe the Napoleon st wharf. The short-sightedness of actually building on the Gov. Nicholls wharf should not be lost as a major deterrent against the Cold Storage Plans. To look back and regret not having done anything would surely be as soulwrentching as if they had built the expressway over Decatur.

We need to act ASAP

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Robert E Zas

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