Why Obama?

Oct 9, 2008 by

Mere weeks remain, soon the overburdening hysteria will subside as votes are tallied, recounts demanded and one reptile or the other slithers into the Oval Office. Like the majority of my fellow bloggers on HumidCity I am pro Obama. Unlike many out there I do not trust or like him very much at all. I do believe he is our last, best hope for salvaging something from our country’s toppling fall of the past eight years.

I don’t think anyone who seeks power is trustworthy, power intrinsically attracts the corruptible. Make no mistake, I am sharpening my claws for Obama’s screw ups once he is in office as I would anyone else taking the position. All politicians must be watch-dogged, even (sometimes especially) the charismatic ones.

That said I encourage all of you out there to cast a vote for Obama come election day. He is the only politician I’ve ever heard acknowledge the vital nature of dealing with the wetlands. While we were evacuated during Gustav I caught some of Anderson Cooper’s 360 when he was speaking with Obama. The Senator from Illinois was asked what his strategy for the Gulf Coast would be upon taking the Oval Office. Sen. Obama replied that while levees and housing issues are vital the most important thing is restoration of the wetlads so that this becomes a once every hundred to hundred fifty years occurence as aopposed to an every two or three year occurence. As Gulf Coast residents this is an angle we all to be on the same page about. “Drill, baby, drill!” will do nothing but further destroy our only barrier against the storm surge.

Obama is as close to the answer as we are going to get right now. It is incredibly important to have someone in office who will deviate from the disastrous path our country has been taken down by the “Current Occupant.” As McCain’s campaign becomes more overtly hate filled and brazen in its attempts at deception I feel pretty safe in saying he is not the one we need. He voted with Dubya 90%+ of the time and helped to bring our nation to its knees, as we watch the global economy begin to spiral down the toilet as a result the course of action should be clear.

Once he is in office then it will be time to explore and lobby for a new syste (Instant Runoff Voting comes readily to mind) that will enhance democracy by making third party candidates viable without being “Vote wasters.”

Come on people, this is too important to screw up.

-Loki HumidCity Founder