McCain/Palin Hate Mongering Gets Biparisan Criticism

Oct 10, 2008 by

First lets start off with a little video. Ed Rollins, who is quite my opposite in political leanings is someone whose intelligence and political field of view I respect. Even more so after seeing him on a panel and getting to interview him at Advertising Week. When Rollins says that the McCain campaign is sunk it brings me joy.

Watch Video– I’ll Wait Here.

So the hate speech being incited by McSame and Caribou Barbie bugs the hell out of me, how about you? Inciting people to violence, giving tacit approval by not calling them  down for it immediately and in public?  This is naked powermongering, a lack of honor and judgement that our country cannot afford.

Here are the critical comments, linked to their sources and coming from both sides of the aisle. Please tweet, digg, and re-transmit.

-Loki, HumidCity Founder

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