Oh, NO. It AIN’T so, Grandpa.

Oct 19, 2008 by

Everybody’s got at least one of ’em amongst their family and friends.  You know…the person who forwards anything and everything that supposedly smacks of “need to know” information-wise, when the only thing you really need to know is how many times that chain email has been around the world and how fast you can trash it so it isn’t clogging your inbox.  Sadly, the bane of my email inbox happens to be my grandpa.

I love my grandpa with all my heart and soul, but he has this nasty habit of forwarding most of the virtual dreck that ends up in his neck of the virtual woods to all of his family and friends who have email addresses.  “Don’t break the chain!  Forward it on to 20 people or else bad luck will come to you!”  You know the drill.  Most of the time, it goes straight to the trash – with love and slight (slight) regret.

Today, I received his latest and was livid.

“Is Sarah Palin Jewish?” was its title.  Beneath its usual litany of “original message” records that said this one had been around the virtual global block a number of times was supposed vital information about Palin’s origins, which showed pictures of aged family members, said her mother was Jewish and even said the people who led her down the primrose path to politics were *gasp!* Jewish!  Jewish by association, I tell you!  It’s the end of the world, the sick scenario of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion embodied in the words and deeds of an Alaskan hockey mom!

I followed the link at the top of this virtually dog-eared email and found a hate-filled, rabidly anti-Semitic, nastily anti-Zionist blog filled with highly erroneous “facts” about all sorts of world events.  I informed Grandpa of this and asked him why he would forward such hate?

IT READS LIKE IT IS FACT !!!!!!!!!!!! he emailed back.

Hmmmm…reminds me of an old, sick joke:

A man is walking through a park and spies a friend of his sitting on a park bench, a pile of newspapers beside him.  The man goes over to his friend on the bench to say hello and is horrified to find that his friend is reading a pile of anti-Semitic propaganda.  Loads of lies about the Jewish people – a serious waste of trees, he thinks.

“Meyer, what are you doing?  Are you nuts?” he asks his friend.  “How can you read such filth?  This stuff is full of falsehoods!”

“Hey, look,” Meyer says, “when I’m having a bad day, these things help me feel better.”

How? How can such utter crap help you feel better????  Lies, I tell you!  It’s all lies!!!!

“Oh, I know that,” Meyer says with a wave of his hand.  “The lies are just so fantastic!  They say the Jews are taking over the world, that the Jews are running Hollywood, that they are in charge of it all.  How can I not feel good, knowing how much we are doing in this world?”

Grandpa, claiming Sarah Palin as part of the mishpocheh is beneath us all, a real shonda.   I’m, ironically, taking a page from Nancy Reagan on this one and urging you to just say no to accepting anything like this as fact and forwarding it.

Perhaps it’s time for my own Great Schlep



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