Yumpin’ Yiminy

Oct 28, 2008 by

I love old movies and one thing I love about them are the stock characters that pop up in genre films. Westerns in the Fifties featured tales of strife between farmers (aka sodbusters) and ranchers: Shane was the best example but there were many others. Invariably there would be a tough minded, wiry and very blond Swedish farmer named Johnsen, Jensen or some kind of sen. Said movie Swede said yumpin’ yiminy alot and that’s what he’d say if he were observing the 2008 campaign.

The GOP is trying very hard to paint Barack Obama as some sort of wild eyed socialist/bolshie/marxist. It’s been a tough sell: the last thing Obama can be called is wild-eyed, he’s the calmest guy in the room; especially when John McCain is around. Someone else, I forget where I saw this, said that Obama would bring <drum roll> Swedish style socialism to America. Yumpin’ yiminy. But what’s so wrong about that?

Sweden has terrible weather and strange native cuisine BUT it’s a civilized country where nobody goes broke if a family member has a catastrophic illness. That’s right, they have the dreaded so-called socialized medicine <shudder> sort of like the US military. Senator Walnuts may rail against guvmint run medicine but he’s had federal health care benefits for his ENTIRE life; from cradle to grave.

Beyond nefarious national health care, porn and cold weather, life is good in Sweden. It ranks 6th out of 177 countries on the Human Development Index, which looks at overall quality of life issues and not just how much money people have. The United States does pretty well too, ranking 12th but the picture painted by the HDI doesn’t make Sweden look like hell on earth as our Republican “friends” would like us to think.

Now that crony/buccaneer capitialism has been discredited for the umpteenth time, we could do a lot worse than look to Scandinavia as a model for a better society. And we probably *will* do worse since we live in the United States of Amnesia…

All I’ve got to say is: Yumpin’ yiminy. Now where is my Sven and Ole joke book when I need it?


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