time for extra credit?

Oct 30, 2008 by

as the erection,,, i mean election winds down, it’s time for our not-so-apt pupils to hustle to get that passing grade. should they do the fancy powerpoint? build a scale model of the white house? perhaps a 30 minute prime time tv spot? or an all-star song and dance salute to the unsung connection between palin and eskimo’s pie? i hear the cloris leachman is looking for work!  

amyway you slice it this final week will be interesting. it’s never over even after it’s over.  just look at our last few campaigns and elections: gore v. bush, landrieu v. nagin, truman v. dewey (oh my, i do love  asyndeton)

before i digress into fred babble and upset voters and non voters on all five sides of the pentangle, let me return to the “extra credit” about which i began.  a few years ago i told my latin students that they could receive extra credit by adding dimensions to their roman house project.  in other words, they were required to draw and label a house and its rooms in 2 dimensions.  however, a 3D model would gain extra credit.  a not-so-shy girl precociously asked about the 4th dimension.  would she get more credit? i laughed and said, “sure.” when she handed in her 3D mode, there before was her 4th dimension as well. she had duct-taped a watch to her house.  despite her obvious anachronism, she got it. something had clicked.

no matter who wins… i just hope someone gets it…

BTW… how high do my ACT scores have to be to get accepted into the electoral college? do they have a university as well? a community college? night school?



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