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Voting 70115

The Voting Itself

This morning I was sending reports from the HumidCity Twitter (#votereport #70115) as my wife and I cast our votes for Obama. We arrived at Sophie Wright School, our polling place, at 6:05am and made it into the voting booths at about 7:30am.

There was some confusion as to which lines were for which precincts, and the way in which it was handled seemed cumbersome and inefficient. Anyone who had waited in the wrong line was jumped to the front of the line we were in. There was only one copy of the voter rolls, which did not allow for a sensible arrangement of one person looking up problems while one processes the line. We were stopped there for about half an hour at one point while a parade of people from other lines were ushered to the front of the one we were in. After about twenty of them were handled our queue again resumed its molasses like progress. Still, I’m sure it will be worse later today….

Election Day Coverage

Kevin Allman is collecting New Orleans voting stories on the Gambit’s Blog of New Orleans, and will also be Liveblogging the returns from the War Room at WWL. Stop by, add yours, and tell him HumidCity sent you!

If you want a really great stream of consciousness approach then the Election 2008 page on Twitter is genius. Twitter has become quite the force in this election, another example of its reach is the Twitter VoteReport. (See below)

NPR continues to provide excellent coverage and he best leveraging of New Media on their Election 2008 page.

Far from least on the list are the local NOLABlogs. Take a look at the links in my sidebar and follow their commentary for the New Orleans view.

M-SPAM is the what you call SPAM delivered to your cell or smart phone.  Looks like we are getting some of that down her in New Orleans as can be seen from this little gem from my in-box this morning:

All, ______ just received a text message on his phone saying, “Due to exceptionally long lines today, all Obama voters are asked to vote on Wednesday.”  This came from a local number (504-458-68__).  We called and the person denied the text message.  I called and reported the person to the Election Protection Hotline at 800-432-4427.  They said this is indeed going around and they will report the person to the local, state, and federal authorities.  If you get this or any other type message regarding voting that is or appears to be fraudulent, please report them at the above number.

First, the number it shows as coming from may well not be associated with the actual source, SMS Spoofing is a well known practice after all.  Now anyone who believes this message is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, that much is certain. This is, however, the USA and in our great nation even the uneducated and uninformed have the right to express their political will. In my opinion that is how we got “W” for a second term.


The VoteReport has a number of ways in which yu can not only become engaged with the process of voting but also be one of the watchdogs needed to secure our democracy. Make note of the following ways in which you can participate:

  • By Twitter: Post a tweet that includes the hashtag #votereport. More tags.
  • By Text Message: Send a text message starting with #votereport to 66937 (MOZES).
  • By Phone: Call the automated hotline at 567-258-VOTE (8683) or 208-272-9024 with any touch-tone phone.
  • By iPhone/Android Phone: Download the iPhone App or find the “votereport” app in the Android marketplace.
  • -Loki, Founder HumidCity

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