Spirits in the Night

Nov 4, 2008 by

It is not the specter of Bobby Seale but the spirit of Bobby Kennedy that walks in America tonight, not an angry radical reaction to the angry reactionary nightmare of the years just past but an eternal flame that burns not just on one lonely hill tonight but all across the land in the hearts of Americans.

It has been a long journey of forty years since that night in 1968 when Kennedy told a crowd much like those we saw tonight–-young, many African-American-–that Dr. King was dead, and calmed their fear and anger with the words of Aeschylus. Neither man lived to see this day.

But I see the ghostly hands of King and Kennedy upon his shoulders as Barrack Hussein Obama leads this nation on our first step into the Promised Land

— Wet Bank Guy
Toulouse Street — Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

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