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Nov 17, 2008 by

There’s a petition movement afoot. Sign it for yourself.

At issue is not so much New Orleans Sanitation Director Veronica White’s defensive posturing at City Council but her job performance overall.

Whether we’re talking about questionable contracts with sanitation service providers or improper demolitions of the homes of our neighbors, Veronica White’s signature is all over many of the most embarrassing episodes of post-K New Orleans. And that’s really saying something.

The recent spat at City Hall only highlights what has been an ongoing problem.

The Department of Sanitation impacts all of our lives, it has become one of the most maligned agencies in municipal government. It can no longer function with such discredited leadership.

Dismiss Veronica White!

Sign the petition and tell your peoples.

Your friend,

E of We Could Be Famous

[EDITORS NOTE: This petition is not just something that E wants to share, it is endoresed by HumidCity and its Founder. Go sign it! -Loki]

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  1. termite

    i found it amusing that the mayor played the race card regarding the heated exchange between Stacey Head and Veronica White last week.

    so, in all fairness i went back and viewed the clip – several times.

    what the hell is wrong with that man? there was nothing of the sort.
    what a desperate move on his part.

  2. He s quoted as having said that he did not actually see it, just heard about it. His grasp of fact makes him our very own “W”

  3. I can’t sign the petition, as a Kennah Brah, but you have my support!

  4. Where might I find a link to this clip?

  5. termite

    Lordy Lawd! wwltv.com – view it over and over and over and over….



  1. HumidCity » Blog Archive » Follow in your Hymnals…. - [...] the petition below to recall Veronica White, and send letters to barackobama.com expressing your deep disatisfaction [...]

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