Turkey Du Jour

Nov 26, 2008 by

Turkey, not just a fowl on the table to consume over the holidays, not just a pejorative piece of 70’s slang, turkey is the spirit of the day. Literally.

In my not so humble opinion the Times PIcayune is the biggest turkey of the season. You see they, or rather Doug McCash, ran an art review recently. An art review in which the name of the artwork in question was not printed. You see, as local New Orleanians know from experience the Times PIc tries its best to pretend that The Gambit does not exist, even now after two decades. This must have posed quite a quandary for them in reviewing an art installation entitled “Gambit.” As a matter of fact it was made of torn up pieces of our own Gambit Magazine.

The tradition of not ever mentioning Gambit’s title anywhere in the paper reared its head in one of the stupidist things I have seen since the last time I was at City Hall: gratuitously renaming the exhibit. That’s right, they just renamed it “Surreal Wallpaper”. Not only is it a stupid name, bt they also have no right to do so. I bring this up because it is indicative of the state of reporting in the city recently. With the exception of a few intrepid souls like Lee Zurich (our own Mr. Eyebrows) this is the level of journalism we have to work with most of the time.

I wonder, would they have so easily renamed a feature film? They’d better think about it, one is opening under that title in mere months.

There’s a great scan (with highlighting) on the Gambit Blog here.

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