Mumbai, Snoop Dog, and Martha Stewart

Nov 27, 2008 by

Turducken is in the oven and the Misfit Toys will be showing up later. Parlor games are in the mix, as is an over abundance of food and liquid social lubricant. We should all take a moment before our respective celebrations to reflect on the plight of the people in Mumbai. While we indulge in gustatory excess many of them lie dead or bleeding.

On the Gulf Coast we are often pushed to anger by those elsewhere that have no knowledge of this place, what we’ve been though, etc. We cannot hold that attitude honestly if we fail to look outwards as well. Not just in our own region (Hurricanes Gustav and Ike) but on a global basis as well. Thanks to social media no place is far away. Just take a look at NOLABlogger (and sometimes HumidCity contributor) Maitri’s blog and you will see how close to home it already is:

This is especially painful right now because my parents are in India, even if in Chennai many hundreds of miles away.  We have friends in Mumbai, friends who are getting ready to travel there and D, my parents and I are planning to visit northern and northwestern India next year.  Only a little while ago, Jaipur, Delhi and Bangalore were hit.  The scariest part is not knowing what’s next, where, by whom and why.  All those people hurt by people who want to hurt …

The Indian army is finally moving in.  I often refer to the Indian government and army as approximately as useful as New Orleans city government or our spineless Democrats, but Mumbai can now use all the help it gets.

Please hope and pray for India.

We have a lot to be thankful for, let us celebrate today and rise tomorrow ready to make more effort to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Now, to end on a high note and fulfill the promise of the title here are Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart cooking together, as ganked from HumidCity contributor adrastos’ personal blog:

Now to go check the Turducken, have a great long weekend folks!

Loki, HumidCity Founder and Curator

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