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Page A3: Health rankings put Louisiana last

The [United Health Foundation]’s rankings take into account factors known to contribute to overall public health, such as the prevalence of binge drinking, per-capita spending on public health and high school graduation rates. It also ranks states on factors such as the rate of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease, infant mortality and immunization rates.

Louisiana fares better than most states in some categories — its per capita public health spending of $95 ranks 15th overall and the prevalence of binge drinking is 13th lowest — but ranks near the bottom for other indicators. The state had the third highest rate of preventable hospitalizations per 100,000 Medicare enrollees, second highest cancer death rates and fourth highest infant mortality rates.

Next page, A4: Higher education in La. is given bad report card

In its report on Louisiana, the report said:

— About 78 percent of African-American students finish high school, compared with a national average of 86 percent.

— Twenty-seven percent of young black adults and 36 percent of young white adults are in college.

— Fewer than half of all college students earn degrees within six years.

— About one-fourth of all white Louisianians have college degrees, compared with 12 percent of African Americans.

If the college-completion scores for students in minority groups were as high as the mark for white Louisianians, “total annual personal income in the state would be about $10 billion higher,” according to the report.

Interesting figure. I’m sure someone will parse the “accuracy.”

Next to “Higher education”? Jindal takes fundraising jaunt to Texas

The word choice in the headline is hilarious—“jaunt.”

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I am so-close-yet-so-far to being back at the Spot…..

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