Growing Pains: An Announcement

Dec 6, 2008 by

@ The OgdenWell, as the Founder and Curator of this motley collection and this site I’d like to tell you about a few quick things. As we roll into 2009 the next wave of redevelopment will be happening. I am hoping to unveil a redesigned sidebar with a number of socially interactive widgets built in to help really develop the community aspects of HumidCity. Google Friend Connect is primed and ready as soon as the sidebar changes. (You can read about Friend Connect on my tech site Social Gumbo) .

The links and blogroll will be streamlined and updated as it seems a small amount of link rot has set in since my last audit of them.

Now the important part: what do you, our community, want to see added to the site? If you have a request leave me a comment.

-Loki, HumidCty Founder and Curator

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