Hostilidays 2008

Dec 19, 2008 by

Last year I declined paricipating in the annual NOLA Blogosphere Hostilidays, a barrage of holiday oriented YouTube videos of dubious origin and questionable taste. This year, being a huge fan of the works of H.P. Lovecraft, I have the perfect entry: The Carol of the Old Ones. Warning- sick sense of humor required.

Loki, humidCity Founder and Curator

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  1. now THAT was creative and prophetic.

    I think I’ve seen these creatures out West.

  2. DarqFuture

    Ahhh, a holiday song to send chills down your spine.

    That brings back memories.

    horrible, horrible memories

    make it stop!

    p.s. Hastur!

  3. For yer consideration…from way down under…the one-and-only-not-safe-for-kiddies Kevin Bloody Wilson!

    Hey Santa Claus

    Ho, Ho, F#*%ing Ho

  4. The Vampire LeThad

    Damn, I wonder what ever happened to my book of Cthulu Carols. So many great songs…

  5. WetBankGuy

    Oh, Tidings of Madness and Woe!

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