Hostilidays Roundup

Dec 20, 2008 by

I forgot to add on a list of prior entries in this year’s Hostilidays when I made my own post about it yesterday. Since I think that all of you should suffer the way I have here is a consolidated list of the reckless offenders so far. Embrace your inner masochist, go check ’em out.

Oyster, Maitri, Varg, Greg, Leigh, Loki (me), Adrastos, Mark, Tim, Howie, and Gentilly Girl (who is currently in the lead with the sickest and most obnoxiously offensive one yet in many people’s view).

All I can offer in the wake of all that is this video of my favorite twisted Xmas Carol, a duet between Tom Waits and Peter Murphy. Just think, Xmas is Wednesday and all of these hideous salvos of sick video will be over.

At least until Greg Peters starts them all rolling again next December….

-Loki, HumidCity Founder and Curator

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