Help Save the Mid-City Bonfire

Dec 23, 2008 by

Your WetBankGuy has set up a site on Blogspot to track the efforts of Mid-City residents to save their tradition from efforts by agencies of city government to shut it down. There was an information meeting last night with the NOFD, NOPD and members of the city council, which led to a smaller group meeting at the Bean Gallery this morning.

This smaller group has sent a delegation to meet with city officials through an offer by Councilmember Shelly Midura to organize such a meeting, to see if the bonfire can be saved.  If we are going to preserve this tradition, it is important that we let people who attend the bonfire from outside our community know some of the groundrules we are trying to see enforced in order to pacify the NOFD, NOPD and other officials.

I don’t speak on behalf of anyone other than myself, but if you wish to see the bonfire continue:

  • Do not throw fireworks or other foreign matter into the fire.
  • Respect the directions of fire fighters and police, and identified bonfire marshals.
  • Keep your clothes on (this is a family event; we bring our kids)
  • Do not get dangerously close to the fire, and respect any barricades that may be erected.

If we put some reasonable accomodations for the city’s concerns, including perhaps limits on the number of trees/size of the fire, and consider alternate Mid-City locations, we can help save the bonfire, but we will need the help of people on social media networks to help spread our requests for how guests in Mid-City should expect to behave at any future bonfire.

Please help spread this message through the city by word of mouth and any social media you participate in (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

For updates on this, please bookmark, follow the Facebook page,  and follow @SaveThebonfire on Twitter.

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