5th District Police Station Falls Short Again

Jan 2, 2009 by

 I’ve written before about the 5th district station outside my window. The cars (personal & official) that drive the wrong way out the one way street in to St Claude traffic, the loud music blasting from personal cars in the parking lot, the groups of cops (military & NOPD) who stand around chatting in the back parking lot…

The first act they commited after having an Open House for the neighbors, was to ticket half the cars in the neighborhood. The ticket on my car (legally parked in front of my house) had my vin # and plate number, but showed an address several blocks away. The next day my car radio was stolen in broad daylight as the ‘parking lot party’ was in full swing. Then beat cops walked around for a few days and gave up, showing the Fight Against Crime was over. I rode my bicycle up next to police cars whose drivers didn’t notice me, being completley focused on their laptops. As many as half a dozen cars at a time would park behind my building, jamming up my WiFi by stealing my signal, until I encrypted it.

 Citizens came forward and identified the driver of a visicous hit & run, only to be told they’d have to identify him in front of his ‘crew’ so he could be issued a mere ticket. No suggestion was made about how to deal with this group of thugs after pointing the finger, except to ‘trust the department’.

 Now Billy Southern, a guest columnist at the TP, tells his story of getting robbed outside Mimi’s Bar, a well known and busy Marigny hot spot, and trying to turn valuable clues as to the identity of the robbers over to police at the 5th district station.

 “Hours passed without any word, so I drove downtown to the 5th District. I was barely able to hold the attention of the police officer at the desk as I explained the evidence that I had discovered and suggested that, so long as the phone was on, maybe they could even locate the user. She took a message but again, no one called me. I called again and again over the following days and left messages for the detective assigned to the case and even called the district lieutenant when those went unanswered. As of this writing, no one has called me to follow up on the calls made from the phone or, as far as I know, made any efforts to investigate the two potentially lethal armed robberies that occurred that night.”

Read the entire story HERE.

It’s time again to call these people out in public.

“All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
 – Edmund Burke


Lord David
Skull Club
New Orleans



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  1. Thanks for this. We need to be resolved to get this kind of bull changed. People should not have to be their own investigators when they are victims of crimes.

  2. Thank you for posting this.

    Charlotte wonders if I am still on the blogger list and I am, but I am unable to post comment to that group so I will do so here. Billy received a first phone call from the police on New Year’s Eve at 2:30 pm -25 days after the robbery. They left a message as we were celebrating. We intend to follow up this week.


  3. Etoile

    After being treated like criminals by 5th district police officers when we reported a disturbance outside of our house in the Bywater we pretty much gave up on the cops in our neighborhood. We now rent in Midcity, where the police respond quickly and actually seem to care, rather than live in the house we own in Bywater. It’s infuriating, but we feel much, much safer.

  4. Nikki, you and Billy please keep us posted on this. The state of justice being served (or not) in these parts is one that needs attention big time.

  5. @ Etoile

    Once again, you are not alone, nor is this a ‘post Katrina’ thing. Having gotten robbed while tending bar in the Marigny a few years back, and laid on the floor with a gun to my head, I am convinced I only survived because a random car alarm went off nearby. The police immediately accused me of being an “Inside Man’. There were gun shoots on my door step later that same night and the police never responded at all.

    We are treated as the problem when we report crime in this neighborhood, yet the cops do things I would consider firing offenses on a regular basis without any sort of disciniplary action.

    Silence Is Violence holding a tax strike for one day seems like chanting for the rian to stop. Nice idea for a video, but completley useless.

    A mass rally at the police station itself, video taped and circulated to national news organizations would do a great deal more.

    The line forms here.

  6. There is a nola…@mac.com. Otherwise email me with the email involved and I’ll try to straighten out the list.

  7. LD, thanks for posting this. The “culture” of NOPD is just so very sick and twisted. I have yet to have any dealings with them in which I thought that I was dealing with professionals.

    After getting mugged on Dauphine years ago they called me out of my house to ID the perp. Thank Goddess it wasn’t the guy, but they brought a suspect to my house? The perp didn’t know where I lived during the mugging, but NOPD was setting up a possible scenario where I could be found dead if I pressed charges.

    Betts got pulled over one night… she had no probs but I had to get out of the car, stood in their headlights to recite all of the info that pertained to my life, all because my ID name doesn’t fit the ID pic or my normal persona.

    The list goes on and on.

  8. I will definitely keep the community posted via my blog (nolanik.blogspot.com), where I just posted the story for the first time. I needed to wait until I could reach all blog-reading family members with the news before posting it as I did not want them to hear that way…
    Mark, I will email you re: comment-making capabilities.

    Thank you, everyone. It’s good to have community.

  9. Buddy

    Become a cop then. Seriously. Everybody bitches about it, but most are not willing to do the job or risk their own lives in that line of work. Cops are citizens, too. If you want the dept. to change, people who think like you or have a similar conscience need to somehow be attracted to do police work. NOTHING else will solve the problem. I can’t say that enough. NOTHING else will solve it. If you want better cops, you need to find a way to get better cops. Complaining and demonstrating works only as an ego exercise.

  10. Un-fucking-believable. Given how many similar stories I hear almost weekly, if not daily, about NOPD, it’s a wonder I’m still shocked and angered as if I’m hearing something like this for the first time. But I’m glad I’m not numb to it — not yet anyway.

  11. Dear Buddy,

    I have lived in many cities where the cops didn’t blast window rattling music late at night (from the Police Sation Parking lot, mind you), threaten men, women & children by waving guns around when they couldn’t get through the day care line fast enough, drive the wrong way up one-way streets (and not in unifrom or patrol cars, eithter) and yell at citizens for reporting crimes, never mind making a cripple crawl on the ground at gun point for looking out his friont door.

    If you stand by the ‘Cops are citizens, too’ methodology, then why the hell do they get to brandish weapons in public day care facilities to get their way, drive the wrong way on our streets, exceed speed limits, and slap arresting officers, etc. all WHILE OFF DUTY? What other citizens would get away with this?

    I believe that better employess in ANY REALM are found by making sure their bosses live up to the standard we ask of the force itself.

    When the people that run this city fling accusations of racism where there is none, lie under oath, refuse to take rersponsibility and generally shirk any real work, how can we expect more from those who work for them?

    In the above comments, a reader posts “We now rent in Midcity, where the police respond quickly and actually seem to care…” Same city, dude.
    And I read nothing about them joining the force to do it.

    Does anyone actually believe that I, a writer in his early 50’s, must join the NOPD to keep some young cop from blasting rap music at midnight and speeding the wrong way down my street?

    Balderdash. This thug-like mentality is allowed to fester because the highest office in the NOPD is run by an incompetent. End of story.

    Is it really an ‘ego excercise’ to complain when I’m ticketed wrongly, or have guns waved in my face? Should I not hold on to my civil rights because I’m not a cop? That only feeds the mentality that cops are above the laws they enforce.

    Are you really suggesting that we should hide in our homes and say, “this is as good as we deserve. I hope a cop doesn’t shoot me cuz they’re pissed off about something” or that we not stand up for ourselves, simply because we’re not on the NOPD?
    Sounds like hostage behavior.

    That way, my friend, lies slavery.

  12. PS The writer whose story I linked in the original article, actually did the Police work himself, and was ignored. Should he quit his job, join the force, go through the academy and work his way up to detective before saying, “Here’s the phone number of the guy who robbed me”?

    Your rant just doesn’t hold water.

  13. folderol

    oh… I look forward to the updates. I cannot tell you how many times, in each experience, the police accuse the victim. Each of two muggings at gunpoint, each house break-in… anything that has happened to my friends, too— every crime I read of is in that light– is it the 5th district? It seems so normal that it’s exhausting to repeat here, but your observations have a wider audience. & a very enlightening point about so-called “apathy.” If the police had a different take on what happens to people, maybe our resistance to accepting it as normal would have some teeth.

  14. Amazing G-Girl. Your home line-up is exactly how the NOPD worked almost twenty years ago. We lived a block off Carrollton and Oak and I was working the graveyard shift. My girlfriend came home late and was taking groceries out of her trunk when a young kid rode up on a bike and offered to help her take them inside. She politely declined and he then asked for all her money. She replied that after buying groceries she had no money. He got angry, then tried to say he was just kidding and rode off. She called me and the NOPD and I got home just minutes before they arrived with the guy for her to identify. We were dumbfounded. The cop said there was no danger since they would shine bright lights in his face so he couldn’t identify her. When we explained that he already knew who she was and her address, the cop became indignant and rude complaining that we were the reason criminals get away without punishment. Needless to say, we never heard back from the NOPD regarding our complaints at how this incident was handled. Some things never change.

  15. NOPD – Bringing the perp to you!

    I can’t believe any police force in the country would bring an accused robber to the victims house.

    That’s just fucking stupid.

  16. Etoile

    Lord David- I’d be up for a rally. I know the problem isn’t exclusive to the 5th district, but from what I understand, the woman in charge (whose name and rank escape me right now) is the source of much of the disdain we citizens experience.

    Loki has my email address if you decide to get something started*

  17. The Vampire LeThad

    I know nobody wants to hear this, but if we want our city back. We need to take Nagin, Riley, and everyone on his payroll and tell them to get the hell out of our city. Then we need the army to come in and declare martial law until most of these punks are dead and gone. If not, kiss our city goodbye, because the current administration can’t do nothing…

  18. @ Vamp…

    Ah! The classic ‘Give up because it’s too hard’, theory.

    How this plan eluded us all is beyond me.



    I am currently gathering information, such as the ranking officer’s names and positions, and would like to get actual stories such as those described above, with solid information, as well as a list of unsolved violent crimes in this district during 2008, and perhaps beyond.

    My plan, to date, is to commit complaints of intimidation or lack of response, to a hard list, showing an ongoing enterprise of apathy and failure to perform the duties entrusted to the district police, as well as a list of ongoing law violations committed by them, such a traffic and noise infractions.
    Finally, a list of the names and dates of murdered locals from this district, whose cases remain as yet unsolved, as well as those cases never dealt with, due to the lackluster encounters described above.

    This would be followed by a presentation AT THE 5TH DISTRICT, where this list would be delivered, on camera, and presented to the Captain in charge, or to the Sargent at Arms on duty, addressed to Captain Bernadine W. Kelly.

    A prepresentation meeting would facilitate the reading of said list and recording it unmolested, followed by a quick walk around the corner to present the same list of grievances to the station, itself. By having each individual attendee walk in, say, two by two, (can I get a witness?) and present a copy of the afore mentioned complaint, no illegal gathering would take place, however, our numbers would be recognized by appearence and the sheer volume of copies delivered.

    I understand that no city official is even going to entertain the idea of giving out a permit to do this. I suggest holding this meeting in my loft, which overlooks both the 5th District building and Helen Hill’s front door, and can easily hold upwards of a hundred people.

    The amount of time required for them to respond, and the type of response, would go a long way towards making a point about their willingness to become an effective force for the community. Documenting it in the press, by giving copies of the tape and complaint to TV stations, would bring larger attention to our plight.

    I call upon you not only as New Orleans citizens who have expressed concern, but as actual victims of both the crime we endure and the humiliation we suffer subsequently at the hands of our protectors.

    Interested parties can make contact through this site, or through the Skull Club, at: [email protected]

    “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  20. Love My Cops

    Response to lord David,
    you are not God nor the Son of Christ, so therefore I cannot refer to you as my Lord.

    I hear and understand your concerns, however instead of attacking the police did it ever occur to you to simply talk to them like you would with a neighbor whose music was too loud.
    And hello news flash police officers don’t issue parking citations unless there’s an extentuating circumstance such as before its being towed away.
    I really feel sorry for people like you. Closed minded indivuals who live in their own bubble of a world and believe that everything outside should revovle around them.
    Sir you need to wake up and realize that this is reality. The department is not Hancock. They are made up of amazing, brave and courageous men and who come to work everyday knowing that it could be their last.
    They see things that you would have nightmares about.
    They defy the odds and beat criminals at their own game by locking them up the right way.
    Sure they had have a few bad apples but what job have you worked at where everyting was PERFECT.
    Why don’t you come down from your loft and drive around this district. You will see ithat there are parts of it that are dirty, grimey and just plain gutter. There are numerous houses that have not been touched since Katrina. Do you know what it means to look at house that has the words
    “KEN” on it everyday. A constant reminder of the hell they went through during Katrina. I know you don’t. You are too busy in your loft passing judgement against the same people that have sworn to protect ingrates like you, just like the media. The media here are against the police. In other places like Texas shootings and crime are at the end of the news because they present positive news. how can this city ever expect to change when all it ever wants to do is beat up the police? Why don’t you take the challenge to see if you have what it takes to where the badge?

  21. Dear Love My Cops;

    I can tell this is going to an interesting exchange. Your opening line about God & Christ belies a staunch right wing Christian ethic. I suppose the Lord David who runs a department at the Unversity of Melbourne is the real god, anyway. And Buddha was just a fat guy with a staring issue.

    In short, I have been all over the 5th district. I’ve seen everything you speak of. I’ve also ‘come down out of my loft’ on a daily basis to restore property, homes and buildings while doing so. And I have been for three and a half years.

    I also know many, many people who stayed through Katrina and I, myself, came back as soon as the city opened, and began gutting these houses you think I’ve never seen, with a broken hip, climbing ladders with crutches leaning at the bottom. I’ve seen the horror up close and personal.

    Since you think you know me, obviously you know I live in a loft, perhaps you’ve just chimed in late. I run an anti-crime citizens group out of that same loft, attend NONPAC meetings at the 5th district, and know several of the commanding officers there by name. I’ve had many hours of discussion with them about what they do, the problems involved and the ‘bad apples’ we ALL deal with. They are as outraged at this behaviour as I am.

    I am perplexed, however, by what surviving Katrina has to do wiht driving the wrong way up one way streets and blasting music in residential neighbors late in to the night. These are major quality of life issues. If you don’t agree, ask the Lieutenant ask the 5th district who said it. He took it up wiht every single roll call until it stopped.
    To my experience, and I talk to these people every week or so, the cops that are my neighbors would rather these actions didn’t occur, as it makes them look bad and conveys a message of dischord throughout the neighborhood. Just like me, they WANT open lines of communications, and mutual respect. By the way, many of the offenders may be newer cops who weren’t in the academy yet when the city reopened after Katrina.

    Finally, thanks for your judgemental and ridiculous venting. Writers like yourself always make me look smarter, and I appreciate that. It usually helps to know something abut someone before you publicly pass judgement on them, especially when you make claims that are so obviously ungrounded and documented in print.

    As for the performance of the Media and the Great State of Texas, I have no control there. Not being God and all.

  22. Additional Note:

    Anyone wishing to volunteer time, money, tools or anything else to the rebuilding of New Orleans, please contact my friend Rick Prose at


    These folks are actually putting people back in their homes in the Lower Ninth ward (hence the name) and are doing a fabulous job of it. They need all the help they can get.


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