At The Cost of a Life

Jan 18, 2009 by

It’s Sunday, a little past noon and I just got the call. Wendy, the bartender at Aunt Tiki’s on Lower Decatur, was shot and killed in an armed robbery at Governor Nichols and Dauphine Street last night, about 8pm.

This is above the ‘Bourbon Street Safety Line’ it’s true, but this neighborhood is where the dog park is, a residential area, a block or so from Cosimo’s. It was 8 o’clock on a Saturday night, a time when couples should be walking out to dinner, and locals are heading home from work, or out for the evening.

Apparently, Wendy walked up on a friend who was already being robbed at gun point, and was robbed as well, and then shot.
In the back.
She died shortly afterwards, on the way to, or at, the hospital.

While all of us who knew her, myself among them, are horrified at this terrible, terrible murder, it doesn’t end there. I’ve posted a series of columns here, triggered by Bill Sothern’s editorial about getting robbed in the Marigny, relating how some young black kids with a small semi-automatic pistol robbed him and his wife and friends. Upon finding out the next day that the robbers were using his wife’s cell phone, he went to the police. He says in his post that;

 ” I was barely able to hold the attention of the police officer at the desk as I explained the evidence that I had discovered and suggested that, so long as the phone was on, maybe they could even locate the user. She took a message but again, no one called me. I called again and again over the following days and left messages for the detective assigned to the case and even called the district lieutenant when those went unanswered. As of this writing, no one has called me to follow up on the calls made from the phone or, as far as I know, made any efforts to investigate the two potentially lethal armed robberies that occurred that night.”

 When a friend of mine was robbed New Years Eve by junior thugs matching this description, I called for an outcry to the NOPD, hoping to make them act before this went to much farther.

Wendy’s killers also match this same description. 

There we have it. A direct link and patheticly sad story of inaction, followed by continued robbery and now the death of a young local woman. Had the 5th district jumped on the cell phone number and the number called, perhaps this would have led to an arrest, or at least left the perpatrators less bold, less likely to be drunk with horrible power and ready to kill.

There is no bringing Wendy back. Her life was ended brutally on an outing, relatively early on a Saturday night. She was robbed of every minute of every day, forever. They took all she had or ever would have, everything she would ever be.

The thought that this occured because somebody was too fucking lazy to do their job, too politically oriented to do real police work, too interested in “keeping the New Olreans Brand out there”, makes me so angry I can hardly control myself.

Warren Riley and C. Ray Nagin, you were warned. Bill Sothern told the city about this first incident with a story in the Times-picayune. I’ve been hammering away at Humid City, and sending letters to any newspaper or periodical that will listen. Now a local friend is dead, shot down in the street like an animal.

What’s it gonna take?

How many more New Olreanians will die this year, because some cop just had to take a call on their cell, or stand around the parking lot, showing off their new car stereo, because another citizen was treated like a criminal for trying to give the police some information or report a crime, because the Police Superintendent is on the board of so many quasi-political groups that he can’t or won’t do his fucking job?

I don’t want to see a news sound bite of Warren Riley in perfect make-up, talking about imperfect family problems and better education to prevent crime. Billy Sothern showed up at the Station House with a solid clue and was ignored. Now Wendy is dead.

I want to see Warren Riley’s resignation, I suppose, and it would be nice to go out for coffee and ice cream after dark without worrying about getting fucking killed, but mostly, I’m sure Wendy’s friends and relatives would like her to be around for Sunday Brunch.

She won’t, however, because she’s dead.
You let this happen, you rotten sons of bitches.
We’ve seen your absolute failure in absolute clarity, and at the cost of a life.
There’s nothing more to say, right now.
And besides, we’ll be mourning the Death of Another Friend.

Rest in Peace, Wendy.
And I’m sorry.
I’m sorry that some stupid, lazy bastards let this happen.
You are not forgotten.

Lord David
New Orleans

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  1. Sarah F.

    I am crying as I type this I am so angry. I want to do whatever I can. Please email me and lets put our heads together and make something happen. I’m sick of talking. I want to act. now.

  2. The Vampire LeThad

    Now we’re getting it. No little protest marches and candle light vigils against crime. We need to take action. The citizens of thiis city need to walk into City Hall and DEMAND that Nagin, and Riley, and the entire corrupt police force “Get the fuck out of our city!” I’m never giving up, but I’m sick of this stupid ineffective bullshit. It is Time to Take Our City Back. So let’s do it…

  3. This breaks my heart and I wasn’t even in her acquaintance. I may be a ‘weekend New Orleanian’ when I am there, but this cuts me painfully close to the quick…because I walk to/from my BnB up Dauphine many times a visit and at similar times as Wendy (which is eerie, that’s my name, too).

    I come to New Orleans for the fantastic city that she is, for the architecture, the history, the food, the wonderful cocktails, the friends I have made and want to keep making and most of all – for the way I can (or have been able to) walk around almost whenever, even alone.

    The safe-feeling I used to have pre-Federal Flood was severely diminished on my first couple of post-Thing visits. I had been getting more comfy staying out later of recent date. And please don’t get me wrong, the violence in the areas I don’t go to hurts, too – because even if thug on thug in some cases, it was locals killing locals and that isn’t constructive and doesn’t encourage the city’s rebirth.

    The fact that NOPD is blatantly disregarding the city’s safety is wretched. No Seen Ray, NO – the murder/crime rate is NOT a ‘good’ thing for New Orleans’ “brand” – you should be strung up in the Cabildo and flogged for making light of such heinous behavior. I am utterly effing helpless (or I feel that way anyway) – since I am not living in New Orleans and I beg the indulgence of my friends/acquaintances that are proper Y’ats for my assuming my right to a voice in the matter. I love New Orleans, I want to be there – I was hoping there was a turnaround (in a good way) starting to happen. A turnaround that could see me finally moving there and being able to make a living and be a part of the krewe instead of armchair quarterbacking from Houston and only popping over every few months or so for a weekend.

    Every single flippin’ day – New Orleans is in my heart and on my mind – and in my eyes (I have many pics in my workstation and around my apartment). It’s on my newsfeed, her music streams thru my broadband connection and into my headphones.

    To those “people” (and no, for any decent NOPD’rs I don’t mean to paint you all with the same brush, but you gotta stand up and fight for the city to get ahold of the crime problem!) who have taken an oath – if such is administered – to protect and serve New Orleans and her citizens THIS INCLUDES YOU NAGIN & RILEY: You’re doing it WRONG. You are EPIC FAIL. You NEED to EFFING STAND UP AND DO YOUR EFFING JOB! New Orleans is hemorrhaging live citizens that can’t take the crime, and also the dead citizens and tourists (your best advertising is word of mouth) who are dying needlessly.

    Sorry for ranting – I sincerely hope NOPD can pull their heads out of their collective anal sphincter (and if they spot Seen Ray up there, grab him by the short hairs and extricate him too) and start busting a g’damned move on this murder and violent crime bullshit. The New Orleans’ “Brand” should be based on good times, great food, fun drinks, tours, great people, good business – not bloodstained pavement and needing a flak jacket to make it safely to Croissant D’Or or Buffa’s.

  4. I apologize, I was so seeing red, I neglected to share my condolences…I am terribly sorry for your loss. May she rest in the arms of the Goddess, may her family and friends know peace. Big hugs to all of you.

    I can only hope this is the turning point to a brighter, less crime-riddled future.


  5. Laura Singleterry

    I hope Wendy rests in peace. I met her when she first moved to New Orleans from L.A. She was cool. We hung out only a bit. She was my neighbor for a while too. I’m glad that I was able to know her. Friends & I showed her how to make a bloody mary when she first started working at Aunt Tiki’s. She was really happy to be in New Orleans. I only saw her a few times after Katrina, as I moved to Austin. She was a lovely person, and I am so cluttered with different emotions of this senseless tragedy. This is the ultimate sadness. I pray that this will be some kind of catalyst for change and that she will not have died for nothing. She was truly special.

  6. My condolences to Wendy’s family and friends. This is truly horrible.

    I was in the Quarter last night and walking towards Aunt Tiki’s when I saw and heard the cops and ambulances rush to the scene. The sad thing is that many 8th District cops were working security for the Placido Domingo show and riding horses around Armstrong Park when this happened. The Quarter needs tourist and event safety in order to survive as a business, but at what expense?

    More and more and more of this crap is making me lose the will to fight the battle. Again, at what expense?

  7. I, too, am so, so sorry.

    Any sort of system we might have had for dealing with these crimes is wearing to a few frayed ends. And the ones getting cut are loved ones, friends, family, and other members that make up a community.

    What will be left to tie us together?

    I don’t want it to be battle scars and bitterness.

  8. termite

    i’m so sorry for all this. my heart and prayers go to Wendy and her family and friends.

    i hate seeing my city in this light. i refuse to turn my back on her.

    what can we do? how can we form some sort of group to fight this?
    we can’t sit back and watch this any longer. enough is enough.

    david, i’m so so sorry my dear friend. find me when you come up for air.


  9. Ashley Fearless

    TP is reporting that the perps escaped down Bourbon, then onto Canal. Tell every Quarter Rat you know to tell all Bourbon St. managers to check their security tapes for street footage of these murderous fuckers. Approximately 8pm, Saturday night, three black teens, one in a dark hoodie. Any other descriptive information would be helpful, too, if y’all have any insight to it.

    Good luck and happy hunting.

  10. Dana

    Wendy was always the best excuse to go to Aunt Tiki’s. The only other chick I know who could down Jager as fast as I could. Always able to make you laugh about the stupid crap, and turn the bar into the goofy kind of place it should be! She was part of what made the french quarter, home.

    My stomach has been in a knot all day over this, as I’m sure many others have. Too many friends have gone in such a short time.

    Thinking about how fucked up things have gotten in NOLA, wanting to come back home more than anything in the world, but then you have your friends getting killed right in the quarter? Crime is on the rise, and it’s 15 year old kids with guns? COME ON NOPD!!!! Kids! They’re obviously not in school, you think the police force would be able to at least outwit them, right? Nevermind.

    I miss Wendy already, was looking forward to seeing her over french quarter fest. How many friends can we stand to lose like this? There are plenty of other ways to die in the quarter, this shouldn’t ever, under any circumstances be one of them.

    Wendy, love always, I’m sorry.


  11. M Styborski

    And so it goes, again.

    Repose en Paix, Wendy.

  12. We will all miss Wendy, words cannot express how hurt & angry we, her friends & family are, she was a good woman, a human being, not another statistic for Rileys wall of failure.

    We all need to get vocal…VERY VOCAL… our Council, Call our Mayor, Call our Gov & Congressmen & women…..visit…..Give Baty & the gang a hand, help with the courtwatch program, a check system to watchdog our infamous 60 day 701…commonly known here in the Big Easy as the “catch & release program”.

    RIP ol girl, The Easter Parade, Jazzfest, lower decatur & Sunday mornings will not be the same without you.

  13. According to a friend of Wendy’s, these were her last words:

    “As she crumpled to the street, she could only ask ‘what just happened? Is this really happening to me?'”.

    Tell me again about the New Orleans Brand, Mister Nagin.
    Tell me about your statistics, Superintendent Riley.
    Finish that phone call before taking a report, Officer DoNothing.

    Rest in peace, now, Wendy.
    Please, rest in peace.

  14. Billy S.

    This is an awful but predictable consequence of the failures of our city to meaningfully address crime in New Orleans. Blame for this rests squarely with those in charge who have done nothing to address the growing crime wave that has taken so many innocent lives since the storm, and before.

    Ethan Brown wrote eloquently about this on TalkLeft this morning:

    I have had enough of DA’s, US Attorneys, the NOPD brass, etc scolding New Orleanians for not cooperating with law enforcement. New Orleanians march against crime. New Orleanians fast against crime. New Orleanians have even begged fellow citizens who have been crime victims to come forward with incidents in which they have been ignored by the NOPD leadership so that this might somehow rouse them to do their jobs.

    None of these efforts have worked. Every quarter–every year–we get the same awful performance by local law enforcement. Huge numbers of arrests for non violent drug offenses. Very few arrests for violent crime. Abysmal conviction rates in murder cases. And then finally and most infuriatingly, New Orleanians get blamed for this disaster.

    But I will not play into this vicious, stupid cycle anymore and I encourage New Orleanians to do the same. I will not pretend that law enforcement is doing anything to stop the violence until they prove otherwise.

    And Rich Webster is holding their feet to the fire about their failures in this week’s City Business:

    But its hard not to feel like we have been down this road before. Another wonderful New Orleans woman was murdered almost exactly two years ago and many of us pledged that her death wouldn’t be in vain, that it could be used to prevent others from suffering similarly. Tragically, little has changed for all of our efforts. Whatever is done in response to this, we need to remember that promises have already been made and broken and that those who have lied to us will continue to lie to protect themselves, while we are all left vulnerable.

    I am so sorry for what happened to Wendy and what her friends and family must be going through.

  15. Marcia Wall has created a blog which is quickly evolving to be a tool to promote peace in all of its manifestations. Her blog is about creating and promoting peace for individuals, families, communities, our city, our country and the whole wide world. ” I think that all of us can stand to bring more peace to ourselves and to each other. ” Check out

  16. We met Wendy before Katrina and always loved catching up with her when we were down there visiting. Our hearts go out to her family and all her friends. She will be greatly missed and the Quarter won’t be the same with out her.

  17. My husband was heading to work just about that time. As he drove his carriage down Esplanade, he saw what he believes to be one of the shooters running across Esplanade as though his life depended on it, and it probably did, (he didn’t know at the time any shooting or robbery had happened, he just noticed that the kid was running blindly). The kid ran across Esplanade into the Marigny. It bothered my husband all evening. When he got home he checked, found a number for Crimestoppers (no number posted for NOPD). He called it. It’s out of state. He had to repeat “New Orleans, yes ma’am, New Orleans. NEW ORLEANS. He then explained what he’d seen, by then he knew the intersection that the crime had happened on, he told them that too, gave a description of the kid he saw including hair, build, jacket, jeans and shoes. He was told, “Call back if you have a name or address for him.” He was never asked his name. He’s going to try NOPD, but we aren’t holding out much hope.

    Nevermind, I’m gonna post this. It’s outrageous.

  18. The above post is a perfect example of the reaction of the local police.

    “Call Crimestoppers.”
    Nevermind that they’re an out of state information center.

    I wonder if my waiter said, “Maybe that lady at the next table can bring you some water. I hear she’s a waiter at another place”, how long they would be employed. What happened to all the Beat Cops we were promised, who were around for a week? Was it too hard to walk around all day? Try tending bar during Mardi Gras. Of course, you might get killed on the walk home.

    If the cops are going to ignore any calls they don’t feel like going on and focus on seatbelt violators and a few pot heads to get their statistics up and raise City Cash, then we are merely at the mercy of another huge armed gang, with Riley & Nagin as their Leaders.

    To Protect and Serve.
    Do it or go home.
    That includes you, Ray.
    Do your fucking job.

  19. Here ya’s go:

    I find it bitterly ironic that the homepage for NOPD features a tab for the Department of Homeland Security alert level.


  20. It’s even more chillingly ironic that there are five (that’s right, 5) links for you to PAY for small infractions, and not a single one for reporting crimes.

  21. OMG – I missed that completely – was looking for ‘contact’ info.

    no words…no words…

  22. And then there’s this Public Safety Announcement.

    Are these people actors or is this just how far removed they are from where we live?

    Where’s the part about refusing to take your report, accusing you of commiting the crime yourself or refering you to Crimestoppers in Chicago?

  23. Wow, that sure was a pretty spot. Too bad it didn’t prove helpful in Helen’s, Wendy’s or any of the too many other deaths that are unsolved, that were preventable. I guess RayRay made a nice play-pretty for the website to make it look like they were the tip of the spear…then dismissed them back to their malaise and playing Solitaire on their computers.


  24. Linked to these pieces concerning Wendy’s murder. Have a pinched nerve… hard to type. And I’m crying over the loss of a good friend.

    Now as a community can we find a way to fihgt these thugs and criminals?

  25. Gallivan Burwell

    The Sunday morning Picayune didn’t give Wendy’s name, just the location. I have a friend who lives just doors from where this murder happened, and my heart jumped in my chest as I read. I called, but didn’t hear back from her for several hours, while I tried to stay positive, keep breathing, imagine the best. I was hugely relieved when she called, but Wendy’s friends and family are not so fortunate. My heart goes out to them, and to the memory of the stunned, frightened woman who bled her life out onto the street.

    On Friday afternoon I was walking on Bourbon and saw three young teenagers 13 or 14 years old cruising on bicycles, even though they should have been in school. I wondered if the police would stop them, then laughed at myself for even considering something so far-fetched, even though those of us who know the Quarter (I lived for 9 years at St. Philip just above Dauphine until I moved to Faubourg St. John this last spring) know that kids on bikes -unfortunately- are often scouts for criminals, or criminals themselves. So much for childhood. So much for the police paying attention to the obvious. A few weeks ago a friend who lives in the Treme put his house up for sale and began planning his out-of-state exit after decades as a devoted New Orleanian. When I asked him why he was going he put it simply:
    “I’m sick of the crime. I’m sick of my friends getting mugged on their way to dinner. I’m sick of little kid criminals riding around on bikes all times of day and night and the cops not doing a goddamn thing about it. I’ve had it. I’m going where I don’t have to worry if I’m going to get shot every time I leave the house.”

    In the early weeks after Katrina, Warren Riley, newly appointed chief, spoke at the “French Quarter Town Hall” Harry Anderson held at his old club on Decatur. In those strange anything-is-possible days, the only crime was being committed by landlords.
    There were no murders, no muggings. There was also an uneasy sense that the relief we felt (N.O. was on track for a record year of murder and robbery until Katrina) had an uncomfortable racial element to it. The “we don’t want ‘THEM’ back” talk was everywhere. I’d raised a ruckus a couple of weeks earlier by stating that we couldn’t have a discussion about the renewal and recovery of New Orleans until we spoke honestly about the crime that was undermining every aspect of our lives in this city before the storm.
    “We can’t even talk reasonably about how we go about getting all our neighbors home because everybody knows that the criminals who have been killing and robbing us are going to come back too. It’s not like the grandmas who have had to hide in their houses after dark don’t know who’s keeping them prisoners in their own homes. It is a small number of young, black men who are killing and robbing us, our neighbors, and each other. The police and the courts know who they are, and don’t do a fuckin’ thing about it ”
    There was a collective gasp. A day or two later an acquaintance came up to me and said he’d heard I’d used the “n-word” at the meeting. Since I was raised in a home that was active in the civil rights movement from the 1950’s on, I can assure you this was not the case. Just more race-hysteria obfuscating real discussion of real issues. So when Riley dropped by I asked him point-blank how he planned to prevent the criminals and gangs from just picking up where they’d left off and destroying our hopes for a safer city since the cops had clearly lost control before the storm under the watch of his predecessor.
    He pretty much “tut-tutted” me in that dismissive way he has of suggesting that any criticism is the result of our misunderstanding of the situation, not the situation itself. I’m paraphrasing, but this is pretty close to what he replied;
    “We know who they are. We have our own special intelligence units up and running and the FBI is working with us. We’ll have our eye on them as soon as they set foot back in the city, and if they mess up we will act accordingly. We got it under control.”
    Yes, that worked out well, didn’t it?

    Listen, Riley’s not going anywhere until Nagin leaves office a year from now. Who knows what numb-nuts will replace either of them. The city council is useless. We, as citizens, are powerless, except in our support for one another. Nobody in any position of power cares what we think. We can’t even get a cop to follow up and call a criminal when we give him or her the fuckin’ number. Why hasn’t that officer been identified, outed, and fired? Do we need to have a community march to his desk?

    We are living in a war zone, folks. Wendy is just the latest victim of us “keeping our brand out there.” Bless her. Bless you. Bless us all.

    -Gallivan Burwell

  26. Dear Mister Burwell;

    Your comment, “Why hasn’t that officer been identified, outed, and fired? Do we need to have a community march to his desk?” is dead on.

    This is part of what I propose.
    Anything else is a fool’s errand.

    Contact: [email protected]
    Let’s do this.

  27. I knew Wendy too. So sad no words. Words are not working. My heart goes out to everyone who also knew this cool person.
    No Words.
    I do however want the suggestions for Action above, particularly about getting hold of Bourbon Street surveillance tapes and trying to get a visual on these killers. We have to stop them.
    I really want the officers involved fired. Gone.
    Right off the bat, everyone should go to the NOPD website and begin calling those phone numbers and simply asking these Police Officers if they have children, ask them why they are letting us get killed, tell them how sad you are to have lost our friend Wendy, ask them if they live in Orleans Parish, ask them anything BUT ENGAGE THEM ON THE PHONES.
    Call and Call and Call and only speak to a human being.
    Get your friends to call the NOPD and ask them WTF?
    What have we got to lose and what else do we have to do?
    Call them… call the cops. All Day Every Day until It Stops.
    This IS a Race War: the Rat Race Wars.
    I really think we don’t stop until the Chief is run out of office and out of town.
    I think we should begin suing the NOPD for criminal negligence.
    But mainly regarding the surveillance cameras etc… we must form our own Crime Fighting Networks. We must Do our Own Crime Scene Investigations. We must Document Everything.
    We must take over, since it appears that we are being forced to cover our own backs for our own survival.
    We do our own CSI and when the NOPD tries to get in the way We Sue Their Asses Off.
    Criminal Negligence.
    Negligent Homicides.
    Killing Fields.

  28. Joel

    The city is dying and the police are an unfunny joke. I am not leaving and will never leave. But I feel I am dying right along with this place.

  29. I hope I didn’t give the impression that I won’t visit or that I don’t still want to live in New Orleans. It’s been in my blood since my first visit almost half my life ago (damn!). I can’t imaging not ever being there again. Yeah, I am more concerned than ever about safe passage while there, I will admit. But to not want to come back, to not still want to live there – I can’t take losing ‘my’ city again, this time to a deluge of dangerous delinquents… It doesn’t need to be this way and the NOPD HAS to get off their collective ass and put the parking ticket pad down and BUST SOME HEADS to get this crime and associated violence under control!
    Let me know if there’s anything I can do from my remote location.

  30. This just Shoots Martin Luther King’s Birthday All To Hell,
    leaves The Crucifixion as nothing more than just another Tourist Hang Out!
    A walk in the park of the Shadow of Death.
    Apocalypse NO.
    I remember how the NOPD ran from the flood. I saw them. Don’t even try to tell me those coward cops did not hand our city over to the Reaper.
    Now they run from the blood. But they cannot run fast enough.

  31. For what it’s worth, one of my sources tells me that video from a shop on Bourbon Street, showing the perpetrators immediately after the shooting, has been turned over to NOPD Homicide.

    Of course, their first calls to the station house were all refered to Crimestoppers, an out of state agency. Finally, Homicide was called directly.

    Once again, citizens rise to the occasion, only to have the Officer On Watch screw it up. At least they finally have the tape. We’ll see what happens now…

  32. Rachelle

    This entry really moved me. Thank you for writing it. I didn’t know Wendy, but this has affected me, just like the other senseless murders in recent months.

    I’m really sorry for your loss.

  33. upptick

    I lived in New Orleans for five years in the early nineties — and on Dauphine street, in the lower Quarter, very close to where this murder occurred. I had a great job there and really liked many things about New Orleans. Ultimately, however, I realized how totally jacked the city was, and how incapable and ineffective the local government and police department were (and are). Bottom line is this: anyone with opportunities and a rational mind just ain’t gonna live in that sh*thole. You should all save yourselves and get out before you’re gunned down for pocket change.

  34. thanks for the .02 upptick. And I am glad you are gone from there. You aren’t helping.


  35. Delta

    Take pictures. Cell phone cameras, disposable cameras, videocameras, whatever you have. Every time you see a cop fucking off, get him on film. Standing around with a cigarette in his mouth and his thumb up his ass, SMILE. Sitting in a patrol car pecking away at the laptop, SMILE. Cop cars in the “jousting” position (pulled up next to each other, chatting) SMILE. Dicking around at a crime scene, SMILE. You get the idea. Get the car number in the shot, or the officer’s face so he’s identifiable. Document exact location and time of photo. Then post those fuckers in a prominent, public place.

    If the public perception outside of New Orleans doesn’t change, the PD will never change. As it stands now, Riley blames everything on the thugs and people outside of NOLA believe him. Until you make people see that the cops are a huge part of the problem, there will never be any real pressure against Riley. Make the cops look like shit to the rest of the world and at the very least, they’ll have to get rid of the worst of them to placate the public.

    p.s. I’m an ex-cop for what it’s worth.

  36. Mike

    First off, my condolences to Wendy’s family and friends. I hope that though I mey her only a few times, that I could be counted among them. I know and completely understand the frustration all of us feel right now, as I lost my son in the same manner back on March 19th 2006. Mike and hisfriend had already given up their money to the robber, who was described as very young, when the robber shot my son point blank in the chest with a shotgun. At the time, and since that time, Oscar Mayer Nagin and Stupidintendent Riley have paid brilliant lip service to the crime which permeates New Orleans. In surrounding parishes, it seems like any time there’s a murder, suspects always seem to be in custody within a week. In New Orleans, if they are ever in custody, they are released within a week. It’s time for people to realize that stopping people who are the same size, have the same physical characteristics, and wear the same clothing as suspects is NOT profiling. It’s just good police work. It’s time that ignorant azzholes like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton rise up and condemn criminals who are shot by police during the commission of crimes instead of wringing hands about how their civil rights are being infringed upon. It’s time people in the neighborhoods ACTIVELY chase out those who would kill their grandmother, or their own child if there were money involved. It’s time that race is no longer used as an excuse for failure because as of this morning, the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States of America, is a Black man. I’m proud to live in a nation where this happens not through sectarian violence, but by the free will of the electorate. Being black is not a handicap. Stop treating it that way, and treat criminals as criminals, no matter the color.

  37. upptick

    You folks need to read what Mike has posted just above this post. And then do all that you can to get the F outta that sh*thole before you’re next!

  38. @upptick;

    While I appreciate your penchant for running away, there are those of us who are willing to fight for our homes and beliefs. Sort of an American thing. Mike’s post makes a lot of sense, even at the Mayberry Mall, where you may have read it from a safe distance.

    Thanks for your advice, please drive through.

  39. upptick

    Lord David,

    Unless and until you and your buddies are willing to arm yourselves with
    Glocks or Sig Sauers, and have the balls to use them, you don’t have a F*ing prayer considering the number of savages roaming that place. A real man, of course, just packs up his family and does what he needs to to move them to a safer place. I mean, just how DOES a parent justify exposing his kid to that bullshit down there? A city in ruins, schools worse than abysmal, and a crime rate rivaling Port-au-Prince (which, by the way, is one of New Orleans’ official “sister cities”) — just what kind of delusions make you think you’re going to change all of THAT?

  40. M Styborski

    Golly-gee-whiz uptick, is that how the USA was formed? By running away? (Well, OK, I suppose it was.) But really, some of us don’t have children. Some of us have HUGE balls. Some of us ARE armed. And some of us don’t believe the crap you spew.

    The city is NOT in ruins. The schools, while not the best, still rank above ten percent of the nation, and well above the average in the world. And regarding Port-Au-Prince, perhaps you should choose a city in the US, or at least somewhere in the free world to make your comparison.

    Yes, we have problems. Lots of places do. But you know what? We know what they are, and we’ll handle them in our own way, thank you very much. We don’t need outsiders pointing their fingers and swaggering around in a stew of moral superiority. Forgive me, please, if I offend, but unless you live here you simply don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Honestly, I’m really sick of fucking dickheads like you who think that just because you pay a premium for Budweiser on Bourbon Street, that it justifies your trail of detritus consisting of empty cigarette wrappers, beer bottles, and the occasional used condom. At the risk of being rude, get bent you judgmental mother-fucker!

    To Loki and the Humid City Irregulars, I apologize. The grape has me in it’s wrath at present, and this pathetic dill-hole has loaded the last proverbial straw on my back. As much as I disdain the Blanco Regime, she may have had a point when she suggested secession from the Union. (Though I doubt she comprehended the meaning of the words.) I will attempt to regain my composure before I post again.

  41. Dear Miss Upptick;

    Had The Styborski not just rolled over you like a panzer division, I might give you what for. But then, I admire your social concepts:

    1) If an American City is in trouble, it’s citizens should run away to another, safer place.

    2) Rather than try to use constitutional methods, we should just all arm ourselves, and start shooting “the number of savages roaming that place.”

    3) Compare a US City that you don’t live in to a Haitian city that you’ve never been to.

    Oh, Great Wide Hunter, you haven’t got a fucking clue. The ‘Savages’, as you so poetically put it, are not the worst of our problems. Neither are the certain elected officials who aren’t doing their jobs.

    The worst of New Orleans problems, as always, are outside instigators, like yourself, who sop milk, point fingers, tell us how to live and what to do, all from some safe haven of boring, stupid, look-alike rooms, lined up in look-alike communities, where the only thing ‘savage’ is Fred, on that show about The Wonder Bread.

    Please, honey, just stay home and fret.
    We got this.

    And as for your final question;
    “just what kind of delusions make you think you’re going to change all of THAT?”

    I offer you a quote from my own writings;

    Somebody asked me;
    “Hey! You think you can change the world or something?”

    I replied;
    “We all change the world, simply by being in it.
    After that, it’s a matter of direction and impact.”

    Every moment of every day, choices are made.
    In each of those moments, great potential lives.

    Define your life by the ones you make,
    rather than by the ones you do not.

    You are not just living.
    You are life, itself.

  42. upptick



    Funny, when I was there last summer I seem to remember block after block of NO East, for example, deserted, boarded up, and, well, in ruins.


    So I think what you mean is that 90% of all the nations schools are better than those crime factories that you got in Nawlins.


    Hey, the people of New Orleans chose Port-Au-Prince as THEIR sister city — I had nothing to do with it. They coulda chose someplace like Paris but, well, the powers that be there needed to make a point.


    Funny, I seem to remember Nagin and Mary Landrieu begging for tax dollars not long ago.


    Um, hate to break it to you darlin, but I DID live there for five years. Both in the Quarter and in Mid-City. And got married to a native New Orleanian. Who had a gun held to her head by one of the savages. Like what happened to her mother; and to her sister. Which is why I packed up my family and said “fuck this”. I was making good dough, had a great future in some respects, was part of a Krewe, etc. etc., but there’s just no getting over the fact that the savages are in control and the government there won’t confront and overcome them.


    Hmmm, you sound a bit defensive. And like I was saying, I’ve established my New Orleans bona fides, had my time with the Uptown Blue Blood crowd, but had enough experience to know that there are way better places to live than a below sea level city, in the path of hurricanes, which has a wrecked economy and infrastructure, and which is dominated by savage thugs who shoot people in the head for sport while the police department and local government wring their hands wondering about what to do.

  43. upptick



    So, you favor sacrificing your children so you can make a macho point about standing up to the savages? You’re a Big Man, dude.


    The year I left New Orleans, there were almost three hundred murders. Considering the fact that for every person who dies from gunfire, there are about 10 people who are wounded. That means there are roughly about 3000 gunshot victims, in a single year, in Orleans Parish. So, if that’s not the “worst of your problems,” I would be fascinated to hear what’s REALLY on the minds of progressive New Orleanians.


    Hmmm, do you really think ANYONE believes that”outside instigators” are behind the homegrown murder and mayhem that has engulfed New Orleans for at least the past twenty years? The bottom line is that anyone with options won’t stay in a place like that and, in particular, a responsible parent simply would never subject his or her children to the trauma of living that close to such intense violence and savagery.

  44. I’m curious…just what, exactly, do you picture happening to this, or any other American city, when it’s been abandoned by all but ‘those savages’?

    Will it have a wall around it, so Snake Pliskin can sneak in without them getting out? Would crime know to stay wihtin those walls?

    While I would tend to agree about raising children in dangerous neighborhoods, there comes a time when citizens have to stand up for themselves. If this town were abandoned, as you suggest, the next one up the ladder would be next, and so on.

    Sorry, but your hysterical verbal gesticulations can’t hide the fact that you’re just not cut out for standing your ground. What’s worse is that you’re spewing hatred at those who do.

    Feel free to cry on your own, mister.
    Knock off the stone throwing at those willing to make a difference.

  45. Fight or Flight – and looks like the most of the “flighters” are worthless kooks like the less-than-esteemed Grand Poohbah “Upptick”. I wouldn’t want them as neighbors anyway.
    Those New Orleanians who LOVE their home and ARE NOT WILLING to give it up to incompetence & violence and are banding together to FIGHT FOR New Orleans are the peeps that make me want to be there even more every day.
    Screw the naysayers! (not literally – one might catch something nasty, like their attitude!)

  46. M Styborski

    Uppy, I did notice that you “lived” here for five whole years. Before you cut and run. While I reiterate that I don’t have any children, if I did, I don’t think they would be likely targets for Midnight Murder in the Quarter, nor do I think they would fall victim to a drug deal gone bad in the projects.

    As for New Orleans East, yes it’s a shambles. We had a big storm a while back. But you said “city in ruins,” did you not? Last time I checked, the city was fine. It’s the outlying areas, the suburbs, which were hit the hardest. Areas which are being rebuilt as we speak.

    I’m curious as to where your “Uptown, blue-blooded” family moved that’s better than New Orleans. Atlanta? Houston? Kennebunkport? Did the move occur before Katrina or as a result?

  47. upptick

    If anyone thinks they’re going to turn around the situation in New Orleans, they are either ignorant or seriously deluded. Unless they are willing to resort to militias, of course. With literally thousands of people a year being shot in Orleans Parish, and with a government and police department obviously unable to reduce the mayhem and protect the law-abiding, the ONLY alternative is for neighbors to arm and protect themselves. How likely is that? We know the answer and it is grim. Therefore, the only alternative, for the effectual with means at least, is to move to higher ground. It’s called “social mobility,” or moving the fuck outta the ghetto. New Orleans is one giant fucking ghetto, with literally thousands of people being shot each year, and anyone who is willing to sacrifice the safety and emotional health of their children on the alter of “standing their ground” is an abusive parent. As far as safer and far better alternatives for city living — with style and personality — try San Francisco.

  48. First of all, I haven’t seen any statictics on “thousands of people being shot every year” except for in your barley coherent ranting.

    Secondly, you’ve cleverly skated around the issue of what happens to American Cities abandoned to criminals. I suppose they all go sit in the corner and wait for someone to come along, or, like in your imagination, come charging out like rabid beasts and tear each other to shreds while Snake and the large breated woman save the president…oh. wait…

    I’ve got my delusions mixed up with yours. Sorry.

    Anyway, yeah.
    We get it.
    You hate New Orleans.
    You think it’s a shit hole.
    You think everyone should wring their hands and run away.
    Good for you.
    I disagree.
    And I’m staying.
    If I die, I die.
    If I win, then you’ll be proved the complete idiot we think you are.
    In the mean time, shove off, shut the fuck up and get busy being Mister Safety Alarmist where ever the hell you are.

    Thank god you’re not MY neighbor.
    That’s one less shooting to deal with.

  49. M Styborski

    Wow, Uppy, you sure dodged every issue there with your last post! All but one I guess: I take it you now live in San Francisco. Shame about Moscone and Milk, but then that was back before Willie Brown helped to gentrify the industrial districts and got rid of the homeless, the poor and the Twinkie eating delusional psychos. And all those Starbucks look so nice lined up along the streets. It must be a Utopian Paradise. Please post again when you want to be constructive.

  50. upptick

    Let’s see how your little fucking rah rah rally goes. Matter of fact, why don’t we have a little contest. Why don’t you and all your buddies throw all of your resources into your kumbaya march — you can even do some second lining and throw in a couple of flambeaux dancers and crow about how New Orleans has such a distinctive and wonderful culture that just has to be preserved and how only the soulful, self righteous are able to really understand what’s being lost — and then let’s check out the murder rate in a year or two and see if you have made any fucking difference at all. And you know why it’s not gonna make any difference? Because New Orleans culture — the one you billious bastards claim is so worth preserving — IS one of poverty and violence and excess and hedonism and entitlement. As long as the nihilistic urban subculture is allowed to flourish — and not confronted head on by business leaders, government officials and the police department — honest, decent people will continue to be prey for the savages. The point, and this will be last post (at least for awhile), is that there IS no political solution to a situation where girls barely in their teens start having babies and adolescent boys drop out of school and resort to drug dealing and violence in order to establish their wildly distorted sense of manhood, distorted mainly by the fact that their own fathers refused to raise them and they were left to raise each other just like the kids in the Lord of the Flies. The net effect of all of this dysfunction, of course, is quite literally the loss of civil society if not civilization itself. Think your little fucking rally is gonna cure THAT? And as far as “running away” from the problem, it’s my constitutional right to associate — or not associate — with people as I see fit. (Read the first amendment; it’s not just about free speech and freedom of religion.) Is it your practice to routinely condemn people for exercising their constitutional rights?

  51. M Styborski

    Oh, wow. Now I get it. it’s Dave.

    Welcome back to the discussion, Dave. Unfortunately, you still haven’t learned the meaning of the word ‘discussion’ you know, you had me going there. Until you started spouting off about entitlements and began your race-baiting, I really thought you were just another misinformed, ill-mannered, slow-witted finger-pointer. Now I realize you’re the just the same racist chump that had his posting privileges pulled a month ago. I’ll have Loki check the IP addresses again. Have a nice day!

  52. upptick

    ..wait wait wait.. First of all, I’ve never visited this site until a week or two ago and that’s when I started posting so you’re totally full of shit about my having had my posting privileges removed earlier. Second, there’s absolutely been no discussion of race in ANY of posts so your accusation of my being a racist is utter bullshit. And finally, and here’s the real point, you’ve now resorted to name calling and playing the race card because you’re unwilling or unable to address my arguments and apparently are so fucking frustrated and weak minded that the best you can do is accuse someone else of being racist simply because you disagree with them. I don’t know if you’re a man or woman, but you’re a petty little urchin either way and, almost certainly, simply ineffectual and small. In other words, fuck you.

  53. *ahem* Dear upptickler, please read your own words;

    “it’s my constitutional right to associate — or not associate — with people as I see fit. (Read the first amendment; it’s not just about free speech and freedom of religion.) Is it your practice to routinely condemn people for exercising their constitutional rights?”

    We all understand what you think of New Orleans and of us.
    Why do you have to keep coming back and telling us we’re all going to die, fail, be miserable, etc?

    Obviously, there are those, like myself, who disagree. Are you just going to keep harping and sniping forever?

    Message recieved.
    Are YOU listening?

    WE disagree.
    We don’t like you.
    Why are you rabbiting on & on when you’ve made your little point and no one here is interested?

    I suppose they threw you out of the stop & go for ranting near the coffee machine again, but that’s really not our problem.

    As for signing in daily just to say ‘fuck you’, hey, Loki, we got another asshole here….

  54. PS Continually standing up for ones freeedoms and rights IS exercising one’s constitutional rights, and hardly a Rah Rah Rally. It’s a way of life.

    “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” – Mohandas Gandhi

  55. M Styborski

    Oh, well, I guess I was wrong, but I’m certain others here notice the similarity between you and Dave. (Although Dave was indeed a bit more eloquent.) My apologies. As for the race-baiting comment, I also apologize. I must have misunderstood your use of “savages”, “ghetto”, and “militias”. My fault entirely.

    As for not addressing the issues, some of us have covered them point by point. You on the other hand have ignored most of our replies, opting instead to simply hammer home your belief that the entire city is a shit-hole and should be abandoned, a position so untenable that the mind boggles that one would ever bring it up, much less choose to repeat it.

    Andy Warhol was apparently right, but your fifteen minutes are up, ‘tick.

  56. In case M Styborski doesn’t translate well in to Idiot lingo, let me clarify:

    Fuck off, creep.


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