An Open Letter Supporting Lord David’s Proposition

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Somewhere in New Orleans, this blood is real.

Somewhere in New Orleans, this blood is real.

Yesterday was an up and down emotional ride as both halves of our city wondered which Wendy had been mercilessly slain in the Quarter.  By the end of the day, the mystery was solved and no one was any happier as a result.  Our city lost a sister to senseless crime, gunned down in her back after already giving up her money.  Is it sport?  Is it an indictment against our city for raising such people to be so cold?  Whatever it is, it has to stop and it needs to be addressed…NOW.  If the police won’t address the violent crime in our city, then we must find someone who will.

The officials in New Orleans are probably likely to tell you that the number of murders are dropping. Fine, thanks. But, what they’re likely to rebuke is that the murder rate still makes New Orleans the most dangerous  city in North America and the third most dangerous city in the world. That’s a per capita sort of thing, which means your chances to be killed by a violent death is greater in our city than any other city this side of the Panama Canal.

We, as New Orleanians, can no longer abide the senseless and random acts of violence that is the scourge of our beautiful city. We, the people of this city, can no longer allow the leadership of NOPD to be dismissive of our pleas to do something (anything); nor can we allow elements within city government to ignore the plight of  citizens. We, the people who make this city what it is, can no longer allow the criminals to run rampant with utter regard for common decency.

There is no doubt that the crime problem is out of hand. Without question, we are in a struggle for the life of our city. I might be known for my willingness to fight for artists’ rights and to stand up for myself when I feel wronged, but there are greater injustices occuring while the police are being directed to arrest for violations of civic code and I no longer believe it to be in my best interest to remain silent in this regard. I don’t believe it to be in the best interest of anyone to remain silent in this city any longer.  Let me repeat, we are in a struggle for the life of our city. Now repeat that over and over again in your head…because we are losing.

Just over a week ago, Silence is Violence issued a Call to Action. Little to nothing has changed. It is business as usual. Meanwhile, friends are being murdered in the street. Our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters are dying and nothing is being done.  We do have a handful of dedicated cops, but they, too, are fighting the system within the system

The sad part about all this is that people have tried to come forth with information to help solve/prosecute crimes and they’ve been ignored.  While people are getting gunned down in the street, undercover detectives are being sent  to free movie screenings to “monitor activity”. While people are getting knocked off their bikes with bricks, eight cop cars show to a noise complaint call. While people are being mugged in a heavily traveled area, on duty police spend an hour playing with car stereos in the station parking lot.

We need meaningful reform. What good is our local government apparatus if they do nothing to protect the people who live here? I am no proponent of federal intervention, but short of a well-armed and determined citizenry, our choices are limited. What we end up with by asking for federal intervention is a police state that we can do without; what we get without federal intervention is business as usual and people keep dying.

It is with no wonder anymore that  New Orleanians, both native-born and new-comers,  decide to leave New Orleans for greener pastures, because these grey city streets are splattered with the blood of those great individuals who make this city what it is.  The greatest tragedy is the meaningless deaths of so many of our friends and the second greatest tragedy is that nothing will be done about it by those supposedly dedicated to protecting us.  We can’t change their minds one by one, we must do it en masse.

So, what will your contribution to the rebirth of New Orleans be?  That being said, I will gladly add myself to the roster of those helping Lord David assemble the information he sees as necessary.  I will support him in whatever way that I can in hopes that real, meaningful change will arise from this.  I encourage you to do the same before a friend of yours is gunned down in the street…or before you are.

As Always, New Orleans was my first love and it shall be my last,


NoLA Rising

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