Another Murder, Another Shrine

Jan 19, 2009 by

From Wendy's Shrine
From Wendy's Shrine
From Wendy's Shrine

Here are three views of the makeshift memorial that sprung up over the weekend for Wendy, following the street-revelation that she was indeed the young woman murdered on Saturday night. It’s just the latest in a lengthening line of memento mori springing up from the bloodied soil and streets of New Orleans.

Maybe someone should map the locations of these spontaneous tryptichs, sell “Murder Tours”. We could have ourselves a Prospect.2. Really make some bucks, wring some positive impact from the opportunities these unfortunate incidences afford us instead of just wringing our hands in despair.

Sell the brand! Yeah!


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  1. Thank you for posting this. If your beautiful, tragic photos had not caught my eye on the feed reader, my busy brain would have scrolled right past this story this morning. I used the pics in my post (with credit) if that’s ok. My heart goes out to this woman, and her friends and family.

  2. Thanks for posting all this about Wendy. We feel completely helpless being 1200 miles away. She was deeply loved by all that new her and will be greatly missed.

  3. robert

    Thank you so much for these pictures. I’m not native to New Orleans but with Wendy it was love-at-first-cocktail.

  4. Fretful Porpentine

    I was feeling so good about Obama just now, but after checking out your blog, and reading about this murder, I am feeling so down. Our nation is plagued with so many severe crises that he can not come close to addressing them all simultaneously. I can see that some of you are working very hard at Local action, so I hope that works. God bless you all, and godspeed — I wish you success in your cause, and success to anyone fighting to end urban gun violence in all dangerous neighborhoods and cities across the U.S. (My apologies to non-believers, but I am quite comfortable with invoking the concept of God.)
    Also, I can’t help be curious about something: Except for diehard, native New Orleanians: How DO you all maintain the sheer grit, guts and determination to keep living in New Orleans? Are there any parts of the city that are considered “relatively” safe to live, anymore?
    On another note, I feel very abstract right now — disembodied. I am so far away, and do not personally know ANYONE involved in creating or posting on this blog, yet at this moment I feel compelled to leave some mark, some footprint, to help to push your positive conversation forward. If it is not helpful, please feel free to censor the comment. Thank you! Best wishes.

  5. Thank you for your concern. We’re doing what we can down here, which is pretty obvious to anyone who looks at these blogs.

    We are able to go on, I believe, because we have each other. New Orleans is a city of neighborhoods where people come to recognize each other, talk to each other, and look out for each other.

    As for what parts of the city that could be considered “safe”, I’d have to blurt that I don’t know of any now.

    But, as for myself, I’ll tell you this: I made a choice – I don’t know when – but I made a conscious choice that I would not be afraid. I will not allow myself to be so afraid that I lock myself away in my home. If I have somewhere to go, something to do, I go and do it. If it’s near enough to walk, I walk. If I have to drive, I drive. (And even that is not “safe” today. In this morning’s news, there was a report of someone driving along the Interstate above the Central Business District who was shot by someone in a passing car.)

    Why stay? Because New Orleans at its best is beyond compare. It is open and joyous, tolerant and diverse, all-embracing. I came here thirty-something years ago, and the city gave me my self. She allowed me to be who I am and to become what I am becoming.

    I don’t know what it will take to drive me away, but until then, I owe New Orleans a debt, and it is only right to do what I can – in my own little way – to help heal the wounds that are festering here.

    Thank you for caring about us.

  6. Fretful:

    Thanks for your welcome support. The fact that someone outside of our little crazy sphere would care enough to contribute so purposefully, even in spirit alone, makes a huge difference. Thank you.


    Thanks to you sir, for stating so elequently those words which escape so many of us, especially at times such as these.

    “It is open and joyous, tolerant and diverse, all-embracing.”

    This should be the Official Motto of the City of New Orleans.

    Thanks again.

  7. Sebastian

    I think once you are here for a few months you are either a die hard New Orleanian or you are already lining up your uhaul truck. I a not a native but come from a long line of Native NEw Orleanians. I grew up with the city as my second home but always felt maybe if I admitted it, she was truly my real home. Sure, I have thought about leaving. Actually moved back to our house in Mississippi for a short while though not due to anything in New Orleans. After a couple months my wife and I looked at each other and said “I am homesick!” It definitely gets in your blood. I feel so connected to life here. Connected to my past. Connected to my ancestors who walked these streets over one hundred years ago. But also connected to my future because here in this city I feel as though I control that future. There is nothing like New Orleans anywhere. She is my city, my home.


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