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Jan 19, 2009 by

I issued a call a couple of weeks ago, through this very site, to address the ongoing failure of the NOPD, particularly the 5th Distirct, to effectively do their job.

I had little response. Among my comments, at the time, were these words I wish I could take back: “And sooner or later, one of these new young thugs is gonna fucking kill somebody.” How deeply I wish I had been wrong.

I stood in a ‘Town Hall’ meeting on Frenchman, just after returning from the Katrina Floods, and listened to the police say that we should email them with any problems we saw. I dared Troy Carter and the NOPD rep to walk to my neighborhhod with me, right then, and see the dark streets, sans cops. They declined, and I told them someone would get killed here by year’s end, if something wasn’t done. A few days into the New Year, Helen Hill was brutually murdered in her home across the street, and her husband shot, protecting their toddler son from bullets intended to kill a child.

I wish I were wrong about all of this, but it seems as obvious as can be to those of us who live, work and walk around our neighborhood. Not so much to the cops in cars who I’ve walked right up on, completely unnoticed as they bury their faces in a laptop, sitting blindly in a cruiser on the side of the street. Good thing for them I’m not Son of Sam.

Today, I re-issue that challenge, before complacency sets in, before more press conferences and TV appearences dull our senses. A local woman was gunned down on the street where all of us walk, dying with words of disbelief on her lips.

Believe it.
This WILL happen again.
To you or you or you.
Or me.

PLEASE, make contact with me at: [email protected]

I want your stories about dealing with the NOPD, particularly in the 5th District, where the problem seems to be the worst. You don’t have to meet anyone or give your account directly to the police. I’ll do that. And when there is enough information, to the press, Nationally if necessary, and to the FBI if signs of malfeasance run deep enough.

I would rather be arrested and jailed, beaten and humiliated, than stand by while another friend or coworker, mother or daughter, son or husband, dies bleeding in the street, shocked and horrified that nobody did anything to stop it.

History has proved, again and again, that in large numbers, by peaceful means, people can change the course of society. Today we celebrate not only Dr King, but the millions upon millions who carried that banner into the future, into history.

Be one of those people.
Contact me.
Come to my house.
Speak up, for god’s sake.
For Wendy’s sake.

This is not about me, or you, or them.
It’s about all of us.
It’s about living safely in a Free World.
It’s about refusing to be controlled by Apathetic Power Lords, who leave us to die in the wake of their lust for more power.

“For me, every ruler is alien that defies public opinion.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Lord David
New Orleans

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  1. andreajean

    Tell me how I can help..

  2. Etoile

    I finally got around to sending Lord David my experiences with the 5th district police. Stop what you’re doing, take five or ten minutes, and do it. You’ll feel better.

  3. The Vampire LeThad

    I wish it would only take that long to document what I’ve seen, but then again, I’m a journalist, so I pay close attention..

  4. Please continue to send your experience with the NOPD, particulaly the 5th Dustrict, to: [email protected]

    By compiling these stories, we can demonstrate on ongoing apathy, if not deliberate malfeasance through failure to perform.

    I am more than willing to be the person who delivers this complaint to the 5th district, itself, our City Council, the Mayor’s office and the local news, including TV, radio and newspapers. I intend to document every step of this process.

    Whatever repercussions one might face in such matters simply pale in comparison to the idea of watching a life bleed out helplessly on the street.

  5. The Vampire LeThad

    Happy MLK Day! 11 year old shot in the leg at end of parade as two guys are running through the playground shooting at each other. Fucking animals!!!!! I’m gonna go vomit now… These people make me sick…

  6. The Vampire LeThad

    Ok, Lord David — Keep collecting offenses against NOPD, Everybody else reading this thread— go here, sign this http://www.petitiononline.com/zyxwvu/petition.html , repost this everywhere you can, if you have any time print it out and hit the streets let’s make this dumb motherf’ers realise we don’t want them running our city for another second…

  7. The Vampire LeThad

    Try again; Go here, sign this — http://www.petitiononline.com/zyxwvu/petition.html

    LD — keep collecting instances so we’ll have some substance to back us up.

    Everyone else — Please repost this everywhere. Let’s end this joke now.

  8. Jokes have punch lines, these are tragedies.

    Good work guys, let’s turn up some heat. These people work for us, they need to be reminded of that.

  9. The Vampire LeThad

    No, you’re right these are tragedies. The joke is what the police force is doing to prevent crime. And well, I’d like to punch their lines, if that counts…

    • fretful porpentinep.s. Now this is the prleobm with the damned blog comment system. I just realized that some of the statements in my last comment were probably clueless, dismissive and downright obnoxious. I’m really sorry. I don’t know if this will make it any better, but I was just thinking: anyone who is currently living in New Orleans, who has a deep personal need to be there, and loves the city so much they could not imagine living anywhere else You ARE helping to save it. That is, I mean you are helping to improve the city, helping to solve the prleobms, just by being there, and caring, and loving the city so much. I was just talking on a different level, about how if more people across the U.S. were better informed about the national tragedy of urban gun violence and more passionate about stopping that, it could go hand-in-hand with caring more about what happens in New Orleans. I could see counter-arguments like: No, what would happen is that they would just worry more about what is happening in their own home cities, not what is happening in NOLA. Or: No, only people who have a special feeling for New Orleans, no matter where they live only people who really understand and love the city’s unique culture and its place in history, are going to care passionately about helping the city. It’s not going to matter whether or not they get inspired to solve the national tragedy of gun violence. Anyways, sorry, I won’t keep posting comments regularly on the site. Sorry if I sounded like a clueless, insensitive idiot. I’m meanwhile afraid of the Secret Police snooping around to see what people post about Cheney. I just don’t know about this internet world. Thanks!

  10. Here’s a tragedy for you.

    This was psoted as a comment on this same news story, over at nola.com, by Blackpower 08:

    “Good job my brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy MLK Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    We are up against pure evil.

  11. You’d do best to not read nor entertain the vicious comments on Nola.com. Those forums are a cesspool.

    I’ll be posting this issue soon.

  12. oh, Charlotte you got that right – so many of those “commenters” are revolting.

    is there a petition (even if it means nothing legally) for non-New Orleanians – like me – that can be created and signed & sent to show the impact of New Orleans on those of us that love the city but don’t live there and hate the lack of crime prevention/solution…?

    Thanks in advance,

  13. andreajean

    keep in mind that there are a lot of people who post on nola.com to start arguements. A lot of the comments are just people trying to bait each other.

    • I, too, am glad that at least one of the suspects ternud himself in. But he is just that at this moment a suspect, not convicted, no identification sealed in concrete. In emotional times like this, we have to, absolutely have to, keep our heads. Hurt is understandable, and desire for revenge and pain and maybe even blood but that’s not the solution. For one thing, the death penalty is not the deterrent we like to think it is, especially when we’re in great pain. States with the death penalty than states which do not. We also must be careful not to demonize and thereby dehumanize the suspect or his parents. We do not know the whole story. Even when we hear more, there will be holes. And no neighborhood, corner, block in NO is racially conciliated and healed enough to demonize black boys and parents without some over-. mis-, or disinterpretation. Part of prejudice and the more insidious form, racism, is seeing the other as Other; the more one dehumanizes the Other, the more dangerous one’s behavior can be. Come to think of it, that dehumanization works both ways. Those who kill must in some way devalue the victim in order to overcome genuine human impulses to protect, leave be, heal, save or help. [Appreciate this brief glimpse of G Bitch’s optimism and humanism–it will not last.] Less pleasantly, this pattern has occurred before and reminds me a great deal of what happened after Helen Hill’s murder much handwringing, much marching and anger and grief displayed that was ignored by our leaders who have driven us further down into the muck; much handwringing, much marching and anger and grief displayed with a white person as the catalyst for action, as if certain murders indicate more disarray than others. It’s also about Adolph Grimes, Ja’Shawn Powell and others and others and more others and and and and and and. Murder is at the top of the pyramid, the most glaring,. What about rape, child abuse, neglect, animal cruelty, abandonment the smaller bricks that get denser with poverty, race, educational deficiencies, lack of health care, etc.Just blaming the criminals and their parents is clearly not enough to make a dent in the problem, much less solve it. Mayor Nagin and Chief Riley must be held ultimately responsible. The problem with a new police chief is Nagin again making that critical decision I am not accusing anyone of going over the deep end here. I’ve seen the sparks of one person’s grief and anger start unexpected fires and I really don’t want to see that here. I don’t know what to do, clearly. Together, we might. I just want all us here in the HC community to keep our humanity open and our anger on target.

  14. The wenches are behind you, David….word is out & we will continue to shout.

    Call whenever you need us to move into action…we are there!!

    We will send all info to you.
    Thanks for leading this charge.

  15. Ryan

    Are there only 14 signatures on the recall Nagin petition because no one wants these crooked f’ers to have names and addresses? Address the reservations that one may feel.

  16. Please give us a link to this petition.

  17. The link to the Mayor’s Recall Petition is listed above, albeit cryptically, in LeThad’s comment. For those too lazy to scroll, it is also here:


    And for the record, Ryan, there are now 15 signatures.
    I hope his flunkies can read him my name without their glasses.


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