Bobby, We Hardly Knew Ye…

Jan 30, 2009 by

By now you’ve heard that city Inspector General Robert Cerasoli is leaving. Health reasons. What this means for the city, I don’t know, but I hope he has a hand in choosing his replacement. He didn’t get a lot done in the short year and a half he was here, but that’s through no fault of his. Cerasoli worked tirelessly to fix the broken system we have here. He persevered through red-tape and stall tactics. More importantly, he gave the city hope. Hell, he even returned a third of his 3.2 million dollar budget for 2008 to the city council because it couldn’t be spent. How rare is that?

Mr Cerasoli, if you’re reading this, I appreciate that you tried. I’m proud of what you did get done and I’m sorry so many of our local “leaders” made your work so diffcult. I understand why you need to leave. You’re welcome back anytime.


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