Three Goodbyes

Jan 30, 2009 by

goodbyeThey say that things come in threes, whoever they are that is. In many cases it does seem to be true, today is unfortunately one of those days. From the moment I got caffeinated enough that English became more than a series of unintelligible sounds the bad news began.

Groggily swilling coffee and attempting to focus (I am NOT a morning person) I focused my attention on the sound of NPR.

“What? Cerasoli’s leaving? No more inspector general? Bloody hell!”  One of the only public officials I have ever had respect for, his efforts were a beacon of light in the murky swamp of corruption that is the Crescent City. Damn, we cannot afford to lose this guy! But wait, there’s more…

Still trying to process what I had caught on the air and waiting for the laptop to boot up I was then blindsided by the next announcement. The National Guard is soon to depart. Warren thinks he’s a big boy now and can handle things. Someone needs to show him the statistics. We are the third most dangerous city in the world with them here, thanks to the buffoons and dolts at the decision making level, how bad will it get once the Guard is gone? I never have gotten used to having them around, and the idea of troops on the ground in a US city turns my stomach, but I do fear their departure. Makes one really think about the effects of sustained siege mentality on a person’s views and perceptions, doesn’t it?

So I go about my insanely busy day, getting to spend lots of time outside enjoying the lovely weather (yes, that is sarcasm, thanks for asking). Just as I find myself wondering if a third event will rear its head I discover another sad goodbye: The Delta Queen. Next month we bid her farewell as she heads up river to a new, safer home.

Three goodbyes. Three blows to an already reeling city. Three, its a magic number.

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