And Now For Something Different

Feb 4, 2009 by

Considering the way things have been lately I cannot seem to escape death as a theme. Lots of people dying around town from mineral imbalances (usually too much lead suddenly entering their systems). This is, however, New Orleans. Our traditional response to many harsh realities that we are powerless to change is satire. It is what allows up to retain our sanity in the face of some of the trials we face in being here.

With that in mind I’d like to share with you episode three of a local production called Dice Jockeys. We cleave to our ongoing theme of violent endings with this bit of geekery that could only come out of New Orleans. Would you believe a jazz funeral for a Dungeons and Dragons character? Give it a shot, its nine minutes with some of the best comedians in the city as they lovingly roast both game and tradition.

Even when it is blackest we all need a smile.

-Loki, HumidCity’s Dungeon Master

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