DHH Allows 16 Year Old Murder Suspect To Ecape

Feb 14, 2009 by

shateekLast September I had to go to New York City for ten days on business.  The night I arrived in my hotel I got a call from my lovely wife who was quite freaked out. The sound of multiple gunshots does that to a person, trust me, we see it a lot down here. It turned out that the incident was several blocks away. A nineteen year old woman was gunned down in her car while parked. Just another night in New Orleans.

The Department of Health and Hospitals had custody of the primary suspect, a 16 year old kid.  Had being the operative word. Why does it always seem to be the 14-19 year olds?

Via NOLA.com:

Shateek Howard — who is considered “dangerous and possibly armed” — escaped from the custody of the government agency after a Juvenile Court hearing, New Orleans Police Officer Janssen Valencia said Friday. Howard bolted while he was being escorted to a Department of Health and Hospitals “transport unit” in the 1400 block of Loyola Avenue about 10 a.m.

The Department of Health and Hospitals could not be reached for comment and no information was immediately available regarding why Howard was in the custody of the government agency, which supervises juveniles determined not to be competent. It is unclear whether DHH officials knew Howard was a murder suspect or if police knew that Howard was in custody of the state agency prior to his escape.

Great. That really enhances the Carnival spirit! Of course here in the Crescent City just because a suspect is in custody does not mean they will be out of circulation long. As utterly disgraceful as the Federal response to Katrina and the Levee failure was it is the impotence and arrogance of our local elected leaders that has us drowning again. This time in blood.

-Loki, Founder and Curator of HumidCity

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