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As some of you may have noticed my own posting here on the site has been greatly reduced recently. Change is in the wind for me and it has kept me multitasking like an octopus on meth.

My lovely wife was recently accepted to grad school, unfortunately her program is not offered here in Louisiana. (Much like evolution.) To be direct, we are moving out of state soon.

This does NOT mean that HumidCity will be going dormant, not at all! There are many New Orleans bloggers that are still in the diaspora, I will simply be joining their number. The rest of the voices will continue to be drawn from the Rogues Gallery of New Orleans, and I will continue in my attempts to make this a relevant and useful platform for our city and its issues.

In these days of Internet connectivity I will be amongst you virtually, and intend to remain a vibrantly opinionated member of our community. You’re not rid of me yet, not by a long shot. You will, however, experience a break from my rantings while we deal with a cross country move.  I hope to bring in a few new voices, prod the old ones into action (liprap? Folse? Bueller?), and keep moving forward.

Thanks are due to all of you who have made HumidCity evolve into its present shape: the contributors, the readers, the critics, and even the trolls have had their parts to play in bringing this website to life.

At the latest we will be back to visit for Carnival.

Loki, HumidCity Founder and Curator

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