Sexing up the Lower Nine Dumping

Mar 20, 2009 by

Cliff thinks something ain’t right about the case of the alleged rogue SDT waste dumper…and he also raises a good point about the whole mess (excuse me) not being sexy enough and/or sufficiently full of local name-dropping ecstasy for folks outside of the Lower Nine to take it to heart.

Well, let’s throw the name of a semi-local fellow in the ring on this one, somebody who seems to have a penchant for turning up all over these days, especially if there’s some money or PR opportunities involved by which he can benefit…I speak of the pol who expounded on what the response to disasters ought to be on these steps at 2238 Lizardi Street:


…which is only half a mile from the corner of Alabo and N. Johnson Streets, the waste dump site… where a church sits:



Now, Governor Jindal, sir, think of the badly-needed elevation in your national fortunes if you can simply recall anything out of the ordinary in the Lower Nine. It seems that, these days, you are darn near everywhere. It’s almost creepy, like you are working on becoming Big Brother. *shudder* Ecccchhhhh….

ANYway, rather than listen to us jump up and down and chant “Hey Hey Bobby J, where are you in the world today?”, why don’t you put your roaming for dollars and GOP kudos to use for a good (PR) cause and prove you can work this situation much better than our dead-as-doornails crime cameras? In the process, you can even stick a finger in the eye of the folks in Hizzoner the Walking Id’s Office of Technology if you want…but this entire city will benefit from no longer having porta-potty waste in Lake Pontchartrain.

I think even Kenneth the Page would agree with this.

Give it your utmost consideration, kind sir, and do it for the God-fearing, churchgoing folk at the house of worship near the dump site, at the very least. Don’t make God call you home.

Update, 3-21: On a slightly related note, The Gambit has Jindal’s list of donors up, which explains why he’s everywhere and nowhere, all at the same time, especially with regards to seriously addressing ethics reform in this state.  Makes me wonder if someone who once resided on Lizardi Street had to pony up some cash just to get the governor to stand there on 60 Minutes.

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