Gray Day for The Gray Ghost

Mar 25, 2009 by


This makes me very happy!


The Crescent City’s most celebrated and scorned anti-graffiti activist has been ordered by Municipal Judge Paul Sens to cease blotting out graffiti without the property owner’s permission.

Fred Radtke, known as the Gray Ghost for the color of paint he uses in his crusade against graffiti, pleaded no contest Tuesday to the charge of criminal trespassing in New Orleans Municipal Court Division D.

He received a 60-day suspended sentence for overpainting a graffiti-style mural on the corner of Press and Burgundy streets in Bywater on Oct. 22. Under the conditions of the suspended sentence, he can no longer remove graffiti without first getting the property owner’s OK. City and state properties are also out of bounds without permission.

Read the rest here. While I would love to see him incarcerated for his various sins, this is a good start. It is also the first time he has been taken to task for repeatedly trespassing and slathering his gray on other people’s property. Not to mention the violence he has been repeated accused of.

Too tired too rant about it so you, our readers, will have to do so for me. Hint: that’s what the comments section is for…

Photo Courtesy of Dingler1109 , taken from the Fred “The Mad Blobster” Photo Pool on Flickr (which has hundreds of pics…)

-Loki, Founder and Curator of HumidCity

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