Dead Souls #2

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ds_book2_cover_FINAL.indd“A fascinating debut that delivers much, and promises a great deal more.”
–Alan Moore, writer of Watchmen

“One of the best and most profoundly imaginative comics I’ve read for centuries.”
–Dani Filth, singer of Cradle of Filth

Those quotes are about a new New Orleans comic book penned by a friend of mine, Kurt Amacker (we are in a marching Krewe together). As you may have guessed it has a bit of a Lower Decatur Street vibe to it, but even if that is not your scene you should read it. Go back to the top and red the quote from Alan Moore if you need motivation.

If everything pans out I’ll be doing an audiocast with Kurt over the weekend and posting it here. In the meantime I’ve included the press release below my signature so that you can learn a bit more about the comic.

This should be the first of a series of audciocasts that will run over the next four weeks until my wife and I move.

-Loki, Founder and Curator of HumidCity

Seraphemera Books excitedly announces the release of Dead Souls #2 — “Fear and Trembling” — the second issue in the underground sleeper comic book miniseries from writer and New Orleans native Kurt Amacker, with art by industry veteran Louis Manna.

In Dead Souls #1, the immortals Vlad Dracula and Erzsebet Bathory encounter each other by chance in the shadows of New Orleans.  With no consequences for their actions, the two begin a brief vigilante killing spree.  When a pack of photographs arrives on their doorstep, the immortals learn someone is watching them from afar.  Now, in Dead Souls #2, they will learn that their actions have awakened the vigilant eyes of a conspiracy larger than both of them, that there is one man will do anything to stop it, and that answers are coming — whether they want them or not.

Dead Souls #2 retails for $3.99 and will be available at the following stores on Wednesday, April 1st:

More Fun Comics — 8210 Oak Street
BSI Comics — 3030 Severn Ave., Metairie
Media Underground Comics — 4523 Shores Dr.,
Wicked Orleans –1201 Decatur St.
Fun Rockin — 1128 Decatur St.
Skullyz Records — 907 Bourbon St.

And online at:
Seraphemera Books

More retail locations and online stores will be announced as they become available.

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