But, what about the poor, Bobby?

Apr 2, 2009 by

 As Governor Jindal goes off, Nagin Style, collecting cash for his future political ambitions, and having already shot down extended unemployment benefits that would have been provided by Federal Stimulous money, he has sinced decided to close New Orleans only Mental Health Facility that treats juveniles, saying it would easier for them to go to Mandeville.  Right.

Now Bobby Run-For-Cash is shooting down Stimulous funds targeted for Medicaid programs, specifically health care for those getting OFF welfare, or for the unisured.

Im my head, I hear the voice of Mister Rogers, quoting Dickens, from Oliver Twist, on how to deal with the poor: “Are there no prisons,  no work houses?”

If this asshole clerk is the great hope of the Republican party in 2012, I offer my thanks. It will certainly give us a full eight years of Barack Obama.

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