In Support of the Arts

Apr 5, 2009 by

 Below is a link to a survey conducted by the Arts Council of New Orleans, regarding state funding for the Arts in Louisiana. 
  As these programs stand on the verge of being cut completely, please  join me in filling out this brief survey to make the voices of those who work in, and/or, appreciate the Arts in Louisiana, heard loud & clear.

  Besides inspiring creative thinking, necessary to deal with the lives we lead in this modern world, Arts Programs offer children an alternative to  poverty stricken neighborhoods, broken homes, and street crime, giving them a chance to experience and create beauty in a world full of ugliness. It offers them hope.

 Every single voice helps drive this cause home. Art pre-dates politics, countries, and organized religion. In the form of images, songs and stories, it is the beginning of civilization.  To ignore visual art, music and theater, is to deny the spirit of humanity.  This is not only about funding, grants and educational programs. This is also about realizing the power of a voice that crosses political, racial and economic borders. While we certainly live in a time when close attention must be paid to world politics and economics, let us never forget that we must also feed the heart & soul. 


Lord David
Pirate & Artist 
Skull Club
New Orleans

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