Eve of Departure

Apr 13, 2009 by

humidcitytilesEaster weekend I woke to news of repeated shootings. Several children lost their lives, lives barely begun.

Easter weekend marked the begining of my last week in New Orleans before moving up North.

There is so much I will miss here, and so much I am happy to leave behind.

I won’t miss the nearly daily murders. I won’t miss the buckmoth caterpillars or the politicians (our two most pernicious species of vermin).  I won’t miss the racism of Tennessee Williams Deep South, something far more real than many would like to admit.

I will miss the ubiquity of music and the unquestioned paramount importance of good food. I’ll miss 10-40 weight coffee in the morning, so dense light has no prayer of penetrating its surface. I’ll miss ready access to kick ass Viet Namese cooking. I’ll miss being able to walk down the block with your drink in hand. I’ll miss the disheveled, wanton beauty of the neighborhoods and the live oaks they sit beneath.

It will probably be a good two weeks before I get the chance to blog here again. Once I get settled in Cincinnati I’ll be back to it no time. While the other bloggers keep you informed and entertained I’ll be preparing to kick things up a notch. As Mark Folse commented, I’m not leaving- I’m expanding the franchise.

-Loki, Founder and Curator of HumidCity

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