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nolarisingNoLA Rising is proud to present the United Artist Front, a silent auction of artwork to benefit the New Orleans Murals Arts Program, taking place on Friday and Saturday April 24th and 25th from 9 to 5 p.m. on each of those days. The location of the event will be at the U.S. Mint located at 400 Esplanade Avenue in the historic French Quarter.

Artists who will be represented at the show currently include:

BANKSY / Shepard Fairey / Michael DeFeo / STARHEAD / Ray Noland / El Celso / Amy Martin / Justin Hampton / Tony Nozero / Christopher Poche West / Rex Dingler / Joe Russo / Cherie Langford / Allison Termine / anthony turducken / Nick Hasslock / CONO / SoTx / Melissa Levine / ARTCAR by Kelly Israel / Ken Kenan /Mia Kaplan / Blaine Capone / Len Cowgill / Joan Davis / Sarah Rosedahl / Brandon Dauphin / Stephanie Stallmer / Ussama Hanna / Crista Rock / Amy Loewy / Scott Mosely / Lance “Varg” Vargas / Max Prophet / 32 Brandongirl / Bruce Dagrepont Jr. / Claudia Gehrke / GRAILIVES / Sharky of Black Sails Photography / Donn Davis / Kyle Chase / Beverly Cook / B-Kay / Emily Macafore / Bryan Barnes / Anthony Posey / Karen Miller / Christian Silva / Sean Evans / Peter Lundberg / Robert Guthrie / MAGS / Val Webb / Dave Warnke / Arthur McLean / Sean Geatreaux / Michelle Brecher / O…Phuck / KelleyGirl / INSPIRE / Peaceswirl / SL!C / Will Frank / Leonard Lopp / TARD / Michelle Augusto / Julie A. Miller / Rick Simpson / NEMO / Tammy Vitale / Dave Watkins / FOKUSED / GAIA / Lady Ma Dia / Rachel Hoover / Robin DeAlva-Graziano / Dion Nunez / Jenna Colby / Shera Simon / Natalie Maloney / Real Abstract / Pauline Patterson / Dori Ashton / Gracie! / Stevie Collins

…and many more…


NoLA Rising began after hurricane Katrina as a public art initiative to improve the day to day lives of the people living in New Orleans.  Believing that “Art Can Heal the Wounded Soul”, Michael “Rex” Dingler spread the message that while we, as New Orleanians, were down, we certainly weren’t out.  Through custom posters, random quotes and hand painted street signs, NoLA Rising became a cultural movement for social justice proving the power of a positive message.

This year, as NoLA Rising enters a new phase of existence, we look to our city walls to continue the message that New Orleans is the cultural center of the South.  In our very own back yard is the most important wall in modern American history…the Lower Ninth Ward Levee Wall.  To remember our collective struggle as a city, to re-assert our position as a city of the arts, and to honor those who we lost in the storm, NoLA Rising has begun the United Artist Front, New Orleans Mural Arts Program.

In our first major mural effort, we have sought and received support from the New Orleans Levee Board to turn the rebuilt Lower Ninth Ward Levee Wall into a continuous 3900 foot long mural (totaling approximately 46,800 square feet of art space), with 65 local artists each painting 720 square feet of their tribute.  As a newly formed Louisiana Non-Profit, we are forging ahead with local leaders to insure the project’s existence and success and plan to announce the mural in the upcoming quarter.

For more information, please see:

Thank you for your support,

Michael “Rex” Dingler / President – NoLA Rising


Email: [email protected]

We have been extremely excited about and dedicated to this project and have been blessed this far with an overwhelmingly positive response from all who have listened, heard and understood our goals. We recently presented the idea in front of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East or to a good reception by them, that’s two down and a few more to go.  We are anxiously awaiting the launch of our website and will let you know when that happens.  Until then………. enjoy.

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