FEMA Trailer Removal- FYI

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For those of you who are still stuck in formaldehyde ridden FEMA trailers the following email contains some info you might want. Now that my Internet is hooked up I’ll be back online and posting regularly soon. In the meantime I hope that this is useful for some of you.

More soon,
Loki- Founder and Curator of HumidCity

Hi all,

As you know, despite the State’s requests for an extension on the trailers, FEMA currently intends to move forward on the May 1 deadline.

We will be sending you detailed information on Monday regarding the process and the steps that we are taking to ensure that all of our households still displaced in trailers have a housing solution.

In the meantime, I want to make sure you all know about the trailer sales and donations programs, which may be an appealing option for some of your clients.

The Sales Program will be open to applicants through April 30.  Applicants who are interested in purchasing their trailer must call 800-621-FEMA by April 30 to express interest in the program and to connect with FEMA’s Trailer Sales team.    It is our understanding that the costs range from $8,000-12,000.  If applicants do not have sufficient resources, they should NOT pursue this option, as it could make them ineligible for other programs.

The Donations Program is up and running.  Interested non-profit organizations and units of local government are eligible to participate.  Please contact me for more information, if you are one of these types of organizations.  This program will likely close to new applicants on April 30, as well, so please act quickly.

We greatly appreciate all of you who continue to work so hard for our vulnerable residents.

Thank you,


Amanda Guma
Health and Human Services Policy Director
Louisiana Recovery Authority
office: 504.556.9798
cell: 225.362.9266
email: [email protected]

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