And You Thought it Couldn’t be Any Worse…

May 8, 2009 by

While we discuss the darkness of mediocrity and the pagent of stupidity that IS City Hall (Nagin & Riley met only 6 times in all of 2008?), there are far worse horrors, lurking everywhere, even, it seems, at the Walmart in Abbeville….

Abbeville, LA) — A lawsuit has been filed against a Wal-Mart store in Abbeville, seeking damages for a woman who claimed she was threatened by a nutria inside the store. Rebecca T. White and her husband, Randal White, filed the lawsuit in state district court in Abbeville April 22nd. The suit claims a wild nutria ran toward the woman, causing her to pull her shopping cart back toward her for protection. The Whites’ attorney, Anthony Fontana, says the shopping cart rolled over the plaintiff’s foot and caused an injury that required surgery. In the lawsuit, White claims employees had allowed the nutria to wander through the store and had given it a name–“Norman.” Wal-Mart officials say they have not been served with a lawsuit but are investigating the incident.

 I just ordered ‘Willard‘ from Netflix.
You’ll have to wait your turn.

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