Skull Club & SCADNOLA – 2nd Saturday Openings on the 13th

Jun 10, 2009 by

 It’s the 2nd Saturday of the month this weekend, kids. That means it’s Open Gallery Time in the St Claude Art District. Check it out at, or just come down and get started at the St Roch Tavern or the Yellow Moon. They’ll tell ya where it’s at.

 Joining the festivities this month are the newly showing Bywater Art Lofts, who just delivered a smashing opening, featuring the work of many residents and other contributers. Their compound is at the intersection of Burgundy & Pauline Streets. From 6 to 9pm.

 After you’ve made your complete tour of the 6 to 9 gallery spaces, stop by the Skull Club, at Spain & Rampart, in the Marigny. Doors open at 9pm, for an after show Art Show. Cheap cash bar and DJ included. Some great stuff by local artists. Well, just read the flyer below, and it will all become clear.
As clear as an unmuddied lake.
As an azure sky of deepest summer…
You Are Invited!

Lord David



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