The Truth & Other Lies

Jun 15, 2009 by

 While it may seem to be in bad taste to offer a link here to my own blog, the opposite is actually a better reason. It’s gearing up to be a long, hot Summer, and I thought that offering  some cooling mind gel might be just the ticket. Of course, I am frequently and disasterously mistaken about What Folks Like, so I leave it over there where you can go have some, without bringing here where you might not want any on you. Or something.

So here’s a blurb and a link, to: 

The Truth & Other Lies

“From time to time, someone asks me what this means, usually with a nod & a wink, as though they understood some secret covert agenda that I, too, was aware of, and dared to expose here, on this unfettered and easily available site. This always unnerves me a bit, as I’d hate to think there were some shadowy revolutionary group, waiting for ME to offer guidance. There are days when it’s a challenge to drink water without spilling it. So much for Fearless Leader.

The Truth is, and I can say this with all honesty and conviction, because I’ve seen it, that everything we know is a lie. Everything….”

Lord David
Skull Club
New Orleans  

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